Tonight's Thursday Evening Thread


Thinking of ordering a burrito.

Gonna have some booze. (What was the funny phrase NY used?)

Probably watch a bit of The End of The Fucking World.


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A cuppa… a cuppa booze! :crazy_face:


Yes gonna have a cuppa or two of booze.

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Ooh is there a new series!?

Went into work got stuff done but then felt really wobbly coming home so had to go to bed for an hour or so.
Back up, chips in the oven and contemplating wine now though…

No I’m just very behind the times and will only really watch something when people stop telling me to watch something.


Slightly less than two hours before I can enjoy a beer. The current thinking is that it might be my last until Christmas time. Only because it is MUCH easier to lose weight without beer.

Not dating to check my bank balance until pay day tomorrow :sweat_smile:


Pie and chips (featuring pie from the local independent pie shop). 10/10

I accidentally bought some Gu caramel cheesecakes for later too.

I will also be having a cuppa booze later too.

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Who are the main players in Big Pie?

can’t believe it’s only 6pm

feels about a million pm


Pieminster, Fray Bentos, Higgildy

I’m an adult.


Evenall. Last day of the night shift for me, and it’s that time in the schedule where I don’t have anything to do for the last 4-5 hours of the shift. This coincides with BT doing essential overnight work on the phones, meaning I’ll have no internet. I’m gonna have to read a book or something :scream:

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Big pie is your Ginsters, Pie minster, Higgidy and Pukka.

We’re talking Bangers here though. A Brighton institution with weird opening hours (7.30am-1pm)

Try hards. Not enjoyed any of their stuff

I like their miso mushroom rolls.


definitely. I see vegetables

They look nice. Enjoy x

Mrs W has ordered in some pastries for the morning. I think that she may have gone a bit over the top.


Got homemade fnc for tea, had quite a productive day all in all. More Buffy and an early night I think. Think my main issue with the whole show is that really earnest, mid-paced 90s American rock is one of my very least favourite music genres.

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