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Tonsillitis is most commonly caused by a viral infection and about 5% to 40% of cases are caused by a bacterial infection

When I lived in Brussels and had tonsilitis the GP told me it was really bad to have them removed cos it increased the chance of more serious infections further in your respiratory system like in your lymphs and stuff

So as a result I have not had them removed.

Seems like bullshit cos I always get given antibiotics and they always clear it up

Someone I know was once told that you now have to have tonsillitis 5 times in a year before they consider removing them now.

Went for a covid test last year and after almost making myself sick trying to reach the swab back to the dangly bit in the middle, I finally looked at the little diagram and learned where they actually are

Feels weird that they even have a name, they’re basically nothing

I’ve been offered mine out but a bit worried id miss them.

I thought they were the dangly bit until I did a lateral flow test and read the instructions. What is that dangly bit then?

Once had ulcers in my esophagus that were wrongly diagnosed as tonsillitis. Comfortably the worst illness I’ve had, culminating with a week in hospital and cameras down my pipes. Can’t blame the tonsils though.

they’re useless wee pricks, get’em out of there!


Fun fact: I look at my tonsils several times a day

Had my tonsils out when I was 18 after a long bought of glandular fever

Wrote a poem about it while bored in the hospital and still pretty heavily sedated between episodes of throwing up the thick, black, congealed blood that I swallowed during the operation

I won two poetry prizes with that poem and it got published by my University Press

It was bollocks of course



As I said in the other thread I just stick the swab down there and wiggle it about. Don’t know how you’re supposed to put it somewhere specific

How are they looking today?

I had tonsillitis in October 2011, November 2011, and then a viral throat infection in December 2011. Dunno why, I just did - although the first two times happened within a day of smoking weed which is very odd as I rarely did it (although have done it more times and not got tonsillitis)

Then I got tonsillitis, hives and a UTI all at once in May 2018. Never had hives before or since.

Then I got the worst fuckin tonsillitis of my life at the end of February last year just before COVID, it was def tonsillitis and not Rona. my tonsils almost blocked my throat entirely and looked like Jackson Pollock paintings with pus. I had a temperature of 39.7 degrees Celsius and was bedridden for 5 days.


If what I think are tonsils are tonsils, I have one that is bigger than the other. No idea why. Fingers crossed it’s never been an issue.

Anyone ever had tonsil stones aka tonsilloliths? Had a couple when I was a teenager, had to use some angular toothbrush thing to dislodge them, that was a gag fest. They were also the most disgusting things I’ve ever smelled in my life. Good times!

Not much to complain about today but my tonsils are v temperamental. If I’m ever stressed, my tonsils are the first place to feel it

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I’m fascinated by tonsil stones. I don’t have them but I’ve had the equivalent pop out of the roof of my mouth once and I have no idea how they get there. Foul foul things

Oh god just googled asymmetric tonsils and every result is about cancer.

They’ve been that way forever, it’s not cancer, right?