Tony Blackburn


Looks like he stinks I think


did do this though




I had the misfortune of being somewhere a couple of Saturdays back where he and Dermot O’Leary were giving it the ful shabz and bantz on the radio. Awful.

I have heard that hi autobiography is great though.


Wasn’t sure whether this would be death or paedo


Fuck sake, he wasn’t accused of being a paedo, just a paedo enabler!


they read his autobiography out on John Robins’ radio show

it’s baffling




Apparently he is a really nice guy he went to one of my friends grans birthdays (he didn’t know her she was just a fan and invited him)


seems like a top bloke. Prefer him to some of the bozo’s in this thread :slight_smile:


Always had a shit taste in music. Had a tendency to cut short tracks he didn’t like., normally the most interesting ones


He’s alright Blackburn; huge soul and funk and disco fan and it’s arguable a large amount of decent, still-loved-today 70s hits wouldn’t have been hits were it not for his support and patronage. In those days a play on his show meant an instant hit pretty much as he was playing to a third of the country most of the time.


Tune tbf…


The new Robert Kilroy Silk game show sounds a bit dark.


Was hoping for rejected clash song titles, but I’ll take it


Looks like he smells nice


He’s had a cold for fifty years, ffs.

Blow yer conk, man!


Ian Chorley


I have nothing against Tone, but the replies before this are from some golden people