Too expensive or too cheap (poll thread)


Obviously we’d all like everything to cost less than it does, and everything’s subjective, but on the whole, like.

Buses in your town/city:

  • Too expensive
  • About right
  • Too cheap

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A good pint of cask beer:

  • Too expensive
  • About right
  • Too cheap

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Water rates:

  • Too expensive
  • About right
  • Too cheap

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depends tbh - i think a single on a bus in London is like £2 or something which seems a lot, but then i have a monthly travelcard so get to go on buses for free and that’s pretty cheap so er about right?


£1.50, obviously


TV License:

  • Too expensive
  • About right
  • Too cheap

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Buses in london are cheaper than literally everywhere else


free unless you’re a square is ‘about right’


I just paid £2.50 to go agout eight stops in Manchester.


ok that’s less than i thought, but as i said i have a travelcard so i’ve not had to get one for years


this is true, i’d say they’re all too expensive though


I was genuinely going to put some indie points in the post about someone always pretending they’ve not got a TV Licence.


Yep, same in leeds.

Imagine someone from london trying to navigate from south manchester to north manchester and back on buses.

“Yeah it’s £4.50 for a day saver but that only gets you to town and back, you’ll have to go and get another day saver for the other bus company that goes to north manchester. You can get a travel card but you’ll have to wait a few weeks for it to be delivered or you can use the tram but that ticket doesn’t let you on any busses”


An admin fee of £190 for new tenants

  • Too expensive
  • Way too fucking expensive
  • I own more than one property

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Thin London busses are cheaper than that. one off payment for a journey, so you could theoretically go the whole line for £2.

I think it’s £2 anyway.


It’s £1.50 in london, they run well.

Seriously “public” transport outside of london is an absolute farce


Fuck, didn’t know it was that cheap…


What’s that bizarre travel card thing that you need to travel around in Manchester? Have they ditched it now? I read some extremely silly things about it…not sure if the problems were hammed up for the lolz but it did sound extremely silly.


Water is free here, it’s nuts


They do an Any Bus daily pass but they purposely don’t publicise it too much so people spend more money. It’s about £5.70 or so. There’s a combined tram and bus daily pass you can buy from Metrolink stops but it’s £7. The Megarider’s not bad value i guess, but as you say it depends which side of the city you’re on.

For all the faults with the buses the tram and even local train networks in Manchester are pretty great, imho.

Bring back the bus wars of the late 90s, i say. 50p anywhere. Slight drawback - the drivers hadn’t passed their tests and you might die.