Too good to go - takeaway food adjacent

An app that means you can get food that would otherwise go to waste for super low prices. A group of friends got breakfast for 5 people today for £12.50.

Thought it would be good to share here. Good to reduce food waste and while obviously I that get ‘wow paying for waste’ and other anti capitalist stuff which ultimately I agree with - this could mean people struggling could get a takeaway for less than actually buying the food/ingredients etc.


We do this at work. It’s good.

like the idea. would be better if they were offering it for free. but still.

there’s a Nisa local round the corner from me doing it. 12 cans of lager and 20 camels then?


great idea, I am ALWAYS turned on by a yellow barcode sticker in the supermarket

just gonna presume the app name is in swedish for everyone else?

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Yeah for some reason the link came up there in Swedish but should redirect you fine in the App Store?

swedes for swedes would be a great name for an app which would inevitably be a massive failure

Lots of places signed up in Edinburgh - my girlfriend uses it a fair bit, there’s a hotel near her work that does it with uneaten breakfast pastries. We’ve tried to get stuff from 12 Triangles but it always sells out super fast.

Mostly do pastries / sweet stuff cos nobody else can guarantee you’ll get vegetarian stuff (which is fine I guess given the nature)

ive always wondered how things like this will work in the long run. As in, will loads of people just wait to buy stuff that’s marked down to waste prices instead of buying things at full price, rather than it opening up a new market.

Could make the same case for e.g Groupon but in general enough people actively want a particular thing enough to pay full price and keep everything ticking over

This thing is pretty great. Signed up yest and got a bag from a bakery in Streatham as a sorta proof of concept thing as it wasn’t vegan friendly but got enough for 4/5 people. Bit stale when i took it for colleagues today…but not keen on them anyway.

Got something from a chain based in Vauxhall that supplies vegan ready meals today. Going to try not use it too much so I don’t go off the deep end.

Monzo app has a Norwegian flag when I make a purchase though.

I have an app called Gander for telling you what’s reduced in shops but it currently only seems to cover Spar (I picked up a leaflet for it in Spar). There’s a Spar at the end of my street so I’ll usually just go to the actual shop instead but sometimes it’s nice to know if it’s worth leaving the house.

I am an absolute fiend for a yellow sticker

Just discovered this today. About to get a box from the hotel next to work of leftovers from their buffet

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Good name for a racist dating app for Swedish people imo