Too Good To Go

This may be a bit LME so apologies, but I know we’re in a cozzy livvo crisis and thought this might help some people.

Too Good To Go is an app whereby you download it and select your area before being presented with lots of different options for food that is to be collected either late in the day or after the breakfast/lunch rush.

I have previously got a luxury box of chocolate worth £20 for a fiver, and today I have got a chicken caesar salad, chia pudding, two cinammon swirls and an almond croissant for £3.50. Looking online that would normally cost £23.

Is there an option to pay it forward?

Careful with the places you pick because there’s only so much bread one human can eat

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It’s absolutely rubbish where I am. Leftover breakfast bits from hotels, a portion of “meat” from barburrito, sandwiches from Starbucks, stuff that I don’t really want to eat haha. Seems to have a minimum price point of about £4 too which isn’t exactly a mega bargain. I’d rather they just donate the food to homeless shelters etc tbh

Haha maybe I’ve just got lucky but I’ve been delighted so far. If you’re buying for a couple of people too I reckon even better.

Yeah it’d be nice if stores just donated to the homeless but at least this is preventing mass food waste.

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One day I’ll do the 3 mile walk at 8pm to go get a roast saved from Toby carvery as they always have a veg one going for £2.29 here.

Is mainly local bakeries and then Costa, Starbucks, Greggs and Yo Sushi here but they’re always sold out.

Came here to say this. I do like bread though


A couple of places round here do it. The Costa one is good. Posted about it in the other too good to go thread we had but I’ve used it for work a few times for damaged cans and surprisingly heavily reduced beer sells very quickly.

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This just reminded me of the app and now I’ve saved some tasty pizza for lunch tomorrow. Our local pizza by the slice place does you basically a whole large pizza for £4 and it’s all really nice varied toppings

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Every time i do to gey m a cheap tea i just get a bag of cakes no matter where i go, even when they promise a mix of savoury. No complaints really only that’s like £3.99 and a 45 mon round trip on cakes i didnt want.

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Got a carvery from up the road for £3.29 once, that was cool. Other than that it’s just poundbakery here though pretty much

If you’re in a city centre it’s decent though. A mate got a breakfast buffet from a hotel where they just gave him a box and told him to take as much as he wanted for about £2

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Some stuff has been good, but got put off by last experience where I showed up at my time slot and … the cafe was shut. While I was dealing with the app to get my money back a girl wandered up clearly in the same situation, looking confused at her time slot then up at the locked door and dark windows :smiley:

A local sushi place is often on there and I think that would be great value - but it’s always on at 9pm and even for a 20 min walk cba by then, already eaten