Too hot cba banal thread


current temperature

  • fine
  • bit warm
  • boiling m9

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any snack action? might go and buy a can of pop. AOB?


remember last year when everyone lost their minds at the nice warm weather.


Just had 3 dark chocolate digestives


I wish life was like this all the time.


I’ve been stuck in the server room all day. Shit day but at least it’s got air conditioning.


British people are the fucking pits, mate.




only fine cos i’ve got a fan pointed directly at me


i’m next to a window but only really get delightful shoreditch smog


Yesterday I spent 2 hours with a client making a project plan.
We’ve had another 90 mins today and it’s still going on.


opened the JIRA tickets yet?



We’re over 100 rows deep in Microsoft Project Planner


Training in an East London basement after work I’m expecting it to be :fire:


outside is cooler than my office rn ffs

got an iced latte on the go. can’t have any more sugar today. had SO MUCH.


Sat in this call, obviously paying zero attention, also peeved as I booked a phone booth and someone refused to move as their own call wasn’t over NOT MY PROBLEM M9

Really hoping this call isn’t actually 2 hours long :-/


today’s been a total write-off. extreme levels of cba. wish I’d decided to do something fun instead of sitting here staring into space and feeling guilty about it

I’m drinking some tea and eating hula hoops (salt and vinegar)


would smash tbf


Was fucking brilliant. I thrive in the heat. Drink all the cans.





Might have a bath and some Jamaica ginger cake. Unsure of the order.