Too Hot to Handle πŸ”₯ (the Netflix show)

Where ma squad at?

Looks gloriously trashy from the trailer, how much have you watched? Worth it?

5 minutes and YES

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Course i’m gonna fucking watch this!


Thought this was the selfie thread for a minute!

What’s it all about?

Fit people
Money at stake
They lose money if they bang


Sounds awesome, will suggest to the kids we watch this tonight pre Gogglebox

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Liking that they’ve got a mixture of peeps from around the world

Alright this show is amazing



I think im in love with Rhonda

Someone else watch this pls

We’re just starting episode 4. Not sure who I hate most at this stage

Always Harry

Yeah he’s awful

But piano Man seems terrible too

Yeah total knob, and don’t get why they’re all fawning over him either.

Just realised he looks like David Cameron

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About halfway through episode 1. I like the editing so far, those few extra seconds of screen time during the behind the scenes talking bits where the contestants trail off vacantly and look a bit foolish (it’s quite endearing actually), and all the happy lizard shots

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So excited to be watching this tomorrow.

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