Too Long, Didn't Watch

There’s an Alan Sepinwall podcast where he talks to a guest who has never seen a famous TV show, and then talks to them while they watch the first and final episodes. It’s pretty good. There’s one where Alison Brie watches Game of Thrones, and one where John Hamm watches Gossip Girl, that kind of thing.

I’d be interested to know if anyone reading this has any massive TV shows that they’ve never watched, and if they’d be willing to watch the first and last episodes only, and post their thoughts as they go in this thread? It could be INTERESTING?


calling @tkc to thread, bound to be box office

lol you’re typing!

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I was typing shows I have never seen but here is a list of the drama tv series where I have seen an episode, probably quicker that way:

The Wire (first series only)
Twin Peaks
Line of Duty
X Files (first 4 episodes only)

That’s it that I can think od

I would do this but not with Game of Thrones

I would fucking LOVE for you to watch the first episode of Twin Peaks, and the final episode of The Return, and let us know your thoughts.

I’ve seen all of them already!

here’s my collection of TV shows I own on DVD


oh I misread!

Lots of scope then

If you recommend something I will do it

We could get a poll going. Immediately think I’d like to see your take on Breaking Bad…

I can’t think of a better one to do this with than twin peaks.


I’ll do that

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Somebody should do this with Prison Break.

I could, never seen a second of it

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I’ve never seen twin peaks. Might have a bang on this

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TV just goes on for far too long. Been sat halfway through the sopranos for months now and there’s just so much more of it. Cba. Give me some films instead.


Please do it and report back

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Is it on a streaming service?


if anyone is doing this I’m gonna need running commentary on every thought they have, detail is everything.

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I won’t be providing a running commentary I’m afraid