Too many ways of messaging people, it's got to stop

It’s gotten out of control.

Facebook Messenger.
Instagram Messages.
Microsoft Teams (work).
DiS DMs.
Phone calls.
Actual conversations.

Have lost count of the number of times someone’s upset with me for not replying to something because I looked at the message and went “Yeah, not now” and then forgot to ever open that app again. Replied to a 4-month-old message on Instagram messenger the other day. It’s a fucking ballache. In a way, we’re just lucky MSN Messenger isn’t around anymore.


See, you say this, but it’s one of the best ways to mildly annoy someone.
Message them on WhatsApp, they reply on WhatsApp. Send your reply via twitter DM, they reply via twitter DM. Continue until you’ve run out of options/they finally snap at you.


That is a good point. I have three Whatsapp accounts for my UK / NL / AU mobiles and like to do this occassionally. When it’s done for this reason, it’s great. However, when someone sends you something important and gets upset with you, it’s less good.

That’s very true.
Horrible feeling when you spot a message you should’ve replied to ages ago and think “ah, it’d actually be ruder of me to reply now rather than not”

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A text or email I’ll answer right away, there’s probably about a 4-5 working day lead time on facebook or whatsapp. Anything else is getting ignored.


While we’re on the subject, the Linkedin autocomplete is fucking amazing. Almost wet myself laughing messaging a friend on it once. Conversation went on for like 40 minutes based purely on the bullshit responses they give you.


Gotta have a system

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Got to the stage where I ignore lots of Facebook messages. I’ve posted to say I rarely check it. Also just a horrible horrible interface.

Muted a few WhatsApp groups too.


Don’t think there are enough formats for messaging tbh

I don’t have a single WhatsApp group that isn’t muted


GF has a habit of continuing the same conversation through texts from both her normal phone and her work phone and then WhatsApp. I would go as far as describing it as dead annoying.


How many is the perfect number rich-t?


Have to say though I’m NOT one of those people who cant be arsed to scroll back through a conversation to get details. If theres relevant info in the convo, I will read it.

I don’t like it when I get messaged during the day about something that requires my response, almost with an expectation that I’ll drop whatever it is I’m doing and respond. I’ve muted a few group chats but then they’ll message me directly or @ me


Been thinking about how we can access work emails at any time now, because of phones. And how unfair it is. You’re permanently at work in a way.


I get anxious about most messaging apps but never about dis.

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Recently have been moving my regular correspondences from FB chat to WhatsApp cos one of my WhatsApp pals was ribbing me for still using FB chat and I thought hmm, he’s got a point there :thinking:
Seems ALL my family prefer FB chat tho so gonna still have to check it.

So glad I never made either a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile

Twitter, IG & DiS DMs are all fine
WhatsApp is fine
SMS/iChat is fine

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