Too many ways of messaging people, it's got to stop

What’s wrong with bulletin boards, young whippersnapper?

tell you what my boss does when he’s sending an email right, instead of starting a new email and putting in the person’s name like the entire rest of the world does, he’ll go down his inbox and reply to the first email he finds that has the person he wants to talk to in it somewhere. it’s completely insane. of course this has led to sending clients info we don’t want them to have / generally sending folk bits of conversations talking about them behind their back etc

how can people not work email in the year of our lord two thousand and nineteen


huge fan of voice messages on whatsapp, just think there’s summat inherently funny about them


h8 this one. It’s garbage


only purpose is for bamming folk up

Full of theos

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Wait, how do you have multiple accounts running on the same phone? Or did you install some dodgy software?

I think FB managed to make phones default to that sometimes. There are some weird times my wife gets asked why she’s not responded to texts and it’ll turn out people with iPhones have had some setting on where it ‘helpfully’ defaults to iMessage to save you cash on texts when its got internet and so there were all these messages hiding away on her iPad because once you have an Apple account on any mobile device I guess it’s turned on?

FB Messenger also has a weird feature where people you aren’t friends with can message you but it sort of hides the messages away. I found a few messages from people I am in the same group with the other day but was about 2 months late to respond. Fucked.

only have 3 friends so it’s very simple for me

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My dual sim phone allows two Whatsapp accounts by default, then I’ve got Parallel Space for the third

Woah okay. Mine has two but WhatsApp never allowed it. Maybe they’ve updated

bring back msn


Reckon there’s a market for a service that sends you a message on all your social media etc apps at the same time.

Our school uses it exclusively for announcements and communications. It is infuriating.

I got my last two jobs on LinkedIn. Dictionary definition of a necessary evil.

This is a huge data issue. He needs to get to fuck.

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I find this is the worst part of it all. Everything is immediate. Texts used to be so delayed. If you wanted an actual response…

FB now do a company part which our company uses. Thankfully it seems airlocked so my personal FB profile doesn’t leak into it.

Mate don’t talk to me about fucking Workplace. Fucks sake.

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i don’t claim to be prompt at responding across all mediums, but I don’t mind being contacted anywhere… however if someone ever leaves me a voicemail may they burn in hell. leave me a voicemail lasting longer than 10 seconds and may your family burn with you.

Having used it at a previous job, all I have to say is I’m impressed they managed to make Facebook look even more ugly.