Tooearlysday Morning

Morning all :sleeping:

I’m up this early because I’m going out on the early shift with our outreach team. Seemed like a good idea when I signed up for it, but I’m so tired now. Also have to interview five people today, so it’s going to be a 14 hour day door-to-door :grimacing:

On the plus side, it’s looking very ‘ambient album cover’ this morning

How are you all?


Morning ccb, morning DiS.
It’s too warm in my flat, the bedroom is unsleepable, slept on the sofa.

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I’ve accepted I’ll probably just be tired for the rest of the month. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:



Shit sleep, slept on the sofa for a bit. No plans today

Just slept solidly for 8 hours for the first time since the baby arrived. Now I have an all-day finance conference so the joke may be on me…


Another all day rehearsal followed by dress rehearsal. Had to buy the biggest pants I could in Sainsbury’s last night as a hilarious flag prop.

Then it’s a late running meeting, home, curry, sleep.

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Had an appalling night’s sleep - thought it must’ve been a full moon so checked and yes it was. Got a gym session at 8 but I really just want to go back to sleep.

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Just got woken up by a strange noise.

Couldn’t work out what it was until I looked out the window. A hot air balloon was very low over the house.



First day back to work after nearly 2 weeks. Not sure if I can take it :weary:

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Morning ccb, morning everybody. Been to the gym, had breakfast - brown bloomer toast, and blooming lovely it was. Got shoved to one side by some bloke coming out of the station, though, with the drawled words “Get of my way, maaaan”. Reckon he was a drunk or a druggy rather than a dickhead, though.


Am I going to the gym today? Seems very unlikely at the moment.

Need to do the nursery run and then have some phone calls about common areas for the council.

Cba to put my bra on but i have to in order to survive the day. Love those rare moments when im hungover and can walk to asda braless.
Bra is like the restriction of actual freedom but necessary to life. #philosophicalbrachat


Good morning everyone!!!


your avatar is becoming sentient

Got to go to work and stand in a dark corner of the stock room reorganising the wines for what’ll probably be hours. Good job today is my Friday!

On a train to newcastle to talk about a shit project I wish wasn’t involved with, just because ai chatted to a higher-up yesterday.

Basically, don’t speak to anyone in the office in future.

Mits! When did you get back here?

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Way ahead of you.