Tool thread (rolling)

supposedly played a new song on their tour last night and now this has appeared on their twitter page.

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from their rate of progress i’m assuming this means June 2024.


some proper My Vitriol style whining too


oh i didn’t read the article properly, perfect circle played a new song, not tool.

Seems pretty obvious it’s referring to a gig.

Shut it down, mods!

where’s the ‘Bunch of hippies who dress like the cast of The Matrix’ option?


New Perfect Circle this year, ennit?

Either way, if they can do another decent album, I’ll enjoy it, otherwise I’m switching off midway, which is not what I want from a Tool album in 2017, oh no.

No doubt i’ll enjoy the music, just depends on maynard tbh.

I remember my own 10,000 day birthday more than that album. We went to the Harvester in Bracknell.

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When, or if, they finally release the next album I’m going to find it impossible not to get as excited as an impatient child on christmas eve. I will try to act cool, detached and yeah whatever, but will buy it as soon as it’s out and no doubt declare it to be AOTY! Because even after all this time I’m still a pathetic fanboy!

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I can at this time officially report that the guys have moved into a major studio where the recording process for the next album is about to begin in earnest.

– The band called Tool

so when they said it was nearly done 5 separate times, they actually meant they hadn’t started recording it. cool.

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Glad they didn’t repease anything last year, wasn’t in the mood for them back then. I’d happily have one 2018 though. Still a few years off, I’d guage.

I’m excited, but would be a lot more so if it wasn’t a double album.
Learn to edit. :confused:

where does it say double album?

They’ve been talking in interviews that it’s a double album with some songs clocking in at 20 minutes.

'kin ell

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I think tool would be a really cool band if they never said or did anything outside of their 3(4?) albums