Tool's Long Awaited Follow Up To 10,000 Days


Guys, come on. It’s not like they started a Kickstarter and took your money to record it. Leave Britney alone.

50 points to whoever replies with “Imagine caring about a new Tool album in 2016”. Sorry for taking your reply Eric.


Looks like they haven’t updated that site design since the last album either


probably the ultimate band that people pretend to like


Who cares about these shit fucks anymore?


Aenima was good. Went off them big time after that.


“At the end of the day, they’re a bunch of hippies who dress like the cast of the Matrix”


@ma0sm i actually am a Tool fan and am looking forward to this, even though I wasn’t crazy about 10k days


I could still listen to an album at the level of Lateralus or Aenima, probably not much though. Could do without another 10,000 Days


how sad that fans keep harshing their buzz with those bad vibez, man


literally spoiler[/spoiler] hours spoiler[/spoiler] of fun to be had with that snazzy lenticular packaging, though.


that was so shit


I liked it, ignore him htba


pretty sure he was being sarcastic, m9


I remember listening to one of their albums years back when people went on about them actually being good.

Nope, just shit.


do they still do them cool videos that beavis and butthead like


i think the 17 year-old me was probably quite intrigued by the concept, but i remember it being pretty underwhelming in reality.


since at least Lateralus. Not much different than Aenima-era, to be honest.

also these newsletters are unreadable as fuck. I didn’t glean much more than “it will happen” out of that rambling mess.


literally didn’t even make it past the first sentence

tool are great, though, looking forward to this
I0,000 days was good I thought, though obviously not as good as Lateralus or Aenima


Weird they seem to be seen as a hippie band on here. Never seen them as that.


Absolutely this!