That’s fine, nursery kids probably mostly can’t read and if they can, they need to know that fuck boris


:smiley: haha, my friend said the same thing. Whoopsy doodles.
Still, I had matching trainers on so that’s an improvement from some mornings


about to take quite a lot of plaster out of the wall. opposite of lol. found a water damage problem in the corner of one room and think i know what the problem is (although i want it to be something else please please please)

Got a slot at the tip booked for 9am, so got the car rammed full of wood and cardboard ready to go in about half hour.

Got an ebay thing to drop in at the post office on the way back (someone paid £63 for a coffee pot ffs!)

Probably go for a bike ride when I get back.

WOOF, now there’s a way to start the day


Took me 4 attempts to get one, kept offering me bookings at sites on the other side of the city.

Back seats are down and loaded up the same, couple of bags in the front passenger footwell too.

Means I’ve finally got a nice tidy (half a) garage though.


Lovely stuff, this. Very pleasing.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


morning all :wave:

back to work again today, not overly keen on the idea tbh but then I think I only have five days left after today until I get nearly two weeks off, so that’s good.

can’t work out if I feel anxious about work, the football tonight, both or some other unrelated third thing. probably all of the above somehow, either way not ideal.

might go out at lunch time and get some Pringles. seems like a good thing to do.


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  • :wave:
  • Someone is coming round today to check our house is cat friendly before we adopt
  • Getting a telephone upgrade in the post today
  • Gonna fry some eggs right now

Doggo keeps being sick, threw up twice last night and twice yesterday. :frowning: Think it’s the grass he ate at the weekend. Slept really badly, as kept thinking he was going to be ill again and we had to wash the bed covers and duvet due to sick. I need sleep.

checks watch

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How’s Pascal?

found out the hard way that my morning train timetable has gone “back to normal” which means I either get to work half an hour later or earlier (and set alarm for 5.45 each morning :skull:)

That’s really early :pensive:


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I want a cat. Dont think my flat is cat friendly at all though :frowning:

I think it’s time to buy a car and be in control of my commuting time


Feel like there’s gonna be some good threads today. Something’s in the air.

stayed up until 2am last night browsing lamps

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