Toosday thread

Hello! I’ve got to go into work early to open up which is unpleasant, but today is my Friday, which is very pleasant indeed! I’m hoping all these exclamation marks will help me wake up a bit tbh!

Alright funkman. In work until 3pm then off tomorrow. No idea what today is going to be like, but I have an absence meeting to hold, so…

Can’t believe it’s Funky Friday already.

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Morning team


Need to go to a country retreat with a spa or something for two weeks and sort my aimless life out

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Good morning.

No idea what fresh hell today might bring. Had to do printing for my manager yesterday, which shows the kind of valued employee I am.

On the plus side there’s a really nice apple I’ve got for today and me and the TV are going to have Mac and cheese for dinner.

My brain trying to convince me to go to work today


Forgot my headphones so that’s today ruined from the off.

Got a meeting with a big cheese, and my hands and arms are covered in paint and I know she’s going to judge me for having inferior soap or something.

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Also just saw the biggest cat I’ve ever seen in my life at the bottom of the garden. Think it was a Maine Coon.

Where bounce hun?


Had a dream where I ordered some spaghetti and was just waiting for it

Woke up and thought “it’s morning but at least that spaghetti is on its way…”

Reader, I realised it wasnt on its way at all


I’m off to Croatia for a week!


But I’m also heartbroken to leave the cat.

Relentless fucking pressure at work and my boss constantly strategising. And I feel like I’m too slow and do things wrong all the time.

Croatia was a really nice place to visit. Have fun.

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Had massive fear last night as the entire drain under the house blocked. There is an open pipe out back that (it seems) leads down direct into the sewer drain (lovely - fucksake Australia) and it seemed my daughter had amused herself by dropping some gravel down it as she liked the noise. Whoops.

When I say pipe I mean it’s like a drainpipe in size. I put my arm down it with a 5ft broom handle and nothing.

So I was shitting myself the plumber would come and find rocks and charge 100s. Instead he just took out an industrial plunger on a rod, went at it for a few minutes and cleared everything. Thank fuck. I should have tried my plunger down there at arm’s length clearly.

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Thank ye Theo. I am mostly going to be just horizontal.

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I had a lot of fun swimming out there, particularly on one of the larger islands off Dubrovnik. The sea is so salty in the Med it makes you float loads.

Yes! We’re going to Brač so I’m hoping to get some salty swimming in.

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I noticed the sea being a bit floatier in Montenegro. Made it hard to swim but excellent to relax and float.