Hey everyone,

Sooooo, I was considering learning how to drive finally. I’m pretty old, should really have nipped it in the bud sooner. I’m also pretty scared I’m going to kill everyone. I don’t recall loving it when I briefly learnt how to drive as a young whippersnapper but then again my instructor was absolutely bonkers.

Anyone else learning or learnt how to drive later in life? Would you recommend doing those intensive classes? Or advanced classes? I’ve found a company that let you learn in mini coopers, makes me think once you pass and have to use your own shitty car you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Probably don’t need a thread for this but HEY HO. Tell me your stories!

I thought this was going to be a thread about carwashes! And I was going to tell you that I got our car washed yesterday.

Now to read the OP and reply properly.

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Sorry to disappoint. It can be about carwashes too! Tell me about washing your car, ccb!

Ah okay. So I didn’t learn in later life but I didn’t start til I was 22. Took ages and felt a bit shitty when I first started as I was so bad… But it got better. Things started to click into place when I started to go out driving in Mrs CCB’s car, but that was a few months down the line.

You’ll do grand though, good luck :oncoming_automobile:

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Did you start learning for any particular reason? I’ve never really bothered because I’ve never had a reason to drive really. I still don’t but meh… I might as well do it now I guess? Haha.

I just passed my test, I am 27


More deets pleese

What would you like to know? I think its definitely worth doing. The lessons themselves get a bit boring but ita all practice

Liiikkkee were you confident driving in the first place? were you nervous going into it? How has it been since passing?

Do you have someone who can take to you out to practice?

GF is currently learning to drive. Took her out every night/ every other night for around a month to a local morrisons to just learn biting point/ clutch control (she’s a p. quick learner so was getting in 3rd gear after like 2 weeks/ doing the 5 minute drive home after 3 weeks) and she says it massively helped her confidence. So if possible find someone to do this for you?

It all just takes time, and patience. Good luck!!!


Hmm… well my bf drives but alas for he does not have a car at the moment :confused: So nooo, I do not.

thank yoooou X

I was a bit nervoua but in my first lesson we only really learned to start and stop. Once you get behind the wheel I felt fine and comfortable with it!

You shouls give it a go, some instructors do your first lesson free .

Thing to remember really is dont worry if you mess up, especially stalling. Its going to happen so if it does, its fine

Ive not really had chance to drive since but hopefully getting a car sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

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Oh and was going to say…

Learning to drive nowadays seems reallyy expensive. GF has found someone (independent company) who does £120/10 lessons block, which is v reasonable. She went on a few test drives with the big companies like BSM/AA/ Red and said they were v. keen to take things slow i.e. the first 10 lessons would involve a lot of sitting on the side of the road talking theory, then putting things in practice. Nothing wrong with that per se, but if you are keen on just getting on the road and learn better by doing, an independent company might be cheaper and better for you.

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Yeah i would go for an independent one, I imagine they teach you mre about actual driving as opposed to learning just to pass your test

Flip, the place I just had a gander at was double that for 10 lessons! :grimacing:

Tbf 120 for 10 is really cheap. I think mine was 18 a lesson and that was the cheapest I found

How many lessons did you have?

I think it was 25 or so but I dont think I needed that many really

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