do you use an electric one?

should i use an electric one?

i’ve never tried one. thinking i might scour the black friday / cyber monday / whatever the fuck deals for a cheap one

got a bamboo one at the moment. which is like the opposite version of an electric one?

I use an electric one, had to pop it on charge this morning.

is it better than a manual one?



Yeah, my mouth feels cleaner after having used an electric toothbrush compared to when I go on holiday or whatever and take a manual one.


the bristles fall out

maybe i’m brushing my teeth too hard?

Sensitive length


haven’t seen b-money for a wee while come to think of it

But yes, recent electric toothbrush and they’re much better, you’ll bleed from theguns the first few times you use it though

Trying to lure him back with a toothbrush thread. Smart


I just got a new one yesterday.
Here’s its specs, brushers: Medium head size. Medium brush size. Flexible neck. Multi-height bristles. Non-slip grip for comfort. Rinse before use.

Got a Phillips Sonicair one because its purple. It’s good. I hate brushing my teeth, it’s the worst hygiene chore imo, and that thing makes it easy.

Also my dentist told me to get it.

with happiness ?

this seems good. any other features i need?

aerodynamic speed strip.

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how often are you changing it?

This is now the cycling thread

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i bought it less than a month ago i guess?

oh then you’re brushing way too hard