Was going to buy an electric one on the black friday sales, but just had a thought… I am in Europe, so can I just buy a UK electric toothbrush and then plug it into my bathroom shaver socket? Or will that not work?

Would buy one here but like all tech it’s around 2.5 times the price of the UK. :@

Dunno, it’s just two pins like EU plugs so maybe it’ll just work? I’ve ordered it anyhow. Lets see what happens.

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Every single dentist will tell you that an electric one is better than a manual. I’m guessing they know their teeth stuff…

in the pocket of Big Toothbrush aren’t they?


I remember in another toothbrush thread once I used the term “manual toothbrush” which ruffled a few feathers. Recently, I heard the very same term being used in an ad (about toothbrushes).