Should be called teethbrushes really

What kind do you use?

  • Manual
  • Electric

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Once you go electric there is no going back.



I used electric for a while, sacked it off and went back to manual


Have recently started using an electric toothbrush for the first time and it’s been an absolute revelation, couldn’t go back now.


What’s with all the manusl luddites?

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The downside is that is very hard to recreate that feeling you get from your very first clean with an electric brush. I’m constantly chasing that high.


Recently got a travel toothbrush that folds in half, have started carrying it around with me in a little side pocket on my trousers. No idea why.


I went electric years ago, but still had the dentist complaining about my gums, then I saw something on the internet somewhere saying that the way you should be brushing with electric is very very slowly, holding it at the gum with each tooth for four seconds. My first trip to the dentist after starting that was probably my best visit to the dentists I’ve ever had (expect those ones when you’re a kid and you get a sticker).


I really should be using electric, but for some reason buying one seems like effort. Might be another one for the “2023 sort yourself out lad” list.

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Electric but i don’t switch it on


I think I’ve owned two in my life, both bought in the Boots sale at this time of year at pretty big discounts from the normal price, so maybe now’s the time to act, rather than putting it off for a bit


Last two times I had to use a manual for a couple of days when I forgot my electric I got tooth infections so electric4lyf

Manual. Need a new one, thanks for reminding me.

The Lidl Nevadent electric toothbrushes are actually very good (and cheap) - they use the Oral B heads. They certainly had loads in the middle aisle in the run up to Xmas.

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Manual. Had a new one a few days ago. Weirdly enjoy the first few brushes where it cuts your gums to bits.

I mix it up. I prefer a manual but i know electric is better. I’m really sensitive to the virbrar
Yions though and i ahte the feeling, plus one of my first jobs i worked in insurance and i used to see all these claims coming in all the time for workers who had something called vibration white finger from holding vibrating tools regularly and I think of it everytime I’m using my toothbrush (which i’ve just realised is the same as raynauds).

Anyway, a little insight into my inability to answer a question succinctly there.

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Channel 9 Brush GIF by Married At First Sight Australia

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This! Really hate the vibration on my hands, feels very bad. Also i have braces and an awkwardly impacted wisdom tooth and use a manual braces brush too to get right in there, an electric brush could never

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Same here. Once I’d been using the electric for a few months my hygienist practically gave me a medal