Flossing is too much hard work. If we dint well evolve to address this naturally. Those who floss are delaying progress

Takes me months to remember to charge it when it’s run out

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I knew it!

Literally just bought a new leccy tb and the instruction manual is all “Now install the handy app!” and no I shall not be installing the handy app, I shall be pressing the button to turn it on and off and not giving all my brushing data to big dentist.


Got a cleaning today with the hygienist. Said you just hold the electric toothbrush at the gumline, you don’t even have to move it. On a side-note I’ve actually damaged my gum in a couple of places by brushing too vigorously.

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I got one of the spenny ones (if you have a look around you can always find them half price somewhere, think I paid £40 for an £80 rrp one) and its been very good for the 3+ years I’ve had it so far

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It’s an oral b pro of some description

i had an oral b one and the battery broke and i contacted them and sent it to them and they sent me a new one for free

think guarantee is 2 years?

Worth a go

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Try Lidl, our local branch has both Oral B offers and their Nevadent own range in the middle aisle at the moment

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My Oral B toothbrush is the basic model and is still going strong 6 years after I bought it so I would imagine battery life might be something of a lottery?

That said, Superdrug’s own brand range are always reviewed quite well when tested against the big brands and are currently on half price (as they almost always are)…


Think that the general rule of thumb with modern rechargeable batteries is to avoid running down to zero, don’t charge all the way to 100% and don’t leave it connected to the charger unnecessarily as that puts stress on the battery. Think the sweet spot is considered run down to 20% and charge up to 80% where possible. But tbh who has the time?

Caveat: ^this is all based on phones afaik…

Think you’ve just got unlucky. An average one will last a few years and life is way too short to worry about charging regimes any further than “charge it when it starts flashing red, take it off when you notice it’s charged”.

Just had my three monthly hygienist appointment. Same messages as always: use the electric toothbrush, run it slowly along the gumline (ie hold for two seconds then move along) and use the interdental brushes more often. Other than that all good.

My hygienist is called Marta, which makes it feel appropriate to come home and say that I’ve been Marta-d.