Top 3 accents you fancy

Icelandic because y’know, I’m a massive indie wet bellend.


This person.

Fife/Dundee - That part of Scotland. I’ve a friend from there who ordinarily I wouldn’t be attracted to, but a sentence or two and I’m frothing at the gash.

Home counties - Tory alert, but you can’t beat good breeding, oodles of daddy’s money and a good education.

Yorkshire - Gets me a right stonk on, cocker.

not on whobook mate

Unfortunate birth name, though.

Clare Grogan as Kochanski in Red Dwarf

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+1 for Swedish women speaking English :heart_eyes:

  1. Just-above-the-border Northern Irish ( @Icarus-Smicarus to thread)
  2. Posh Scottish
  3. Posh Yorkshire

I think I just fancy a bit of rough (Northerners). I also really enjoy Welsh, Australian and West Country accents but not in a fancying sense.

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think i would go to moderate scouse, not like extreme scouse though

  1. German (I like an ‘in charge’ accent
  2. Welsh
  3. Russian
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Middle class Scottish (I.e not neddy or posh)
Northern Irish

you ought to hear foppyish’s voice :relaxed:


more like FAPPYISH amiright?!!

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Posh Scot
Maybe Irish

Dunno but after about 8 years of hating southern English accents I’ve got really into that sort of smooth, soft, not-quite-posh voice. A girl I fancy has it and it’s very good.

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us southerners don’t have accents tbh

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m8 I’ve got one myself, where do you think the hatred comes from

what endz is you m8?