Top 3 live songs 🎵

That you witnessed, and why? Did a search and found nothing so hopefully this isn’t repeating an old thread!
In no order:

The last baron - mastodon. Its one of those long random songs on an album that has no business being played live. It was my favourite song off that album and i loved it so much and when they played the whole album live i was counting down for this song. It was so good

Airplane pt 2 - bts. Again, it was unexpected, this was another random album track and i loved it so much when i heard it, and then i found out it was included in their setlist. It was perfect

Zookeepers boy - mew. This song is one of my favourite mew songs, when i heard it live i was right at the front and it was so beautiful

I love live music so much :face_holding_back_tears:


Would need to have a think about a top 3, but the first one that sprung to mind was Shine a Light by Spiritualized. Repeat 3 chords again and again until it sounds absolutely enormous, don’t think I could ever get bored of it.


I’ll have to think about the 3 for a while, but #1 is without a doubt:

The Smashing Pumpkins - Zero (from the 2000 tours)

I’ve talked about this a lot in other threads but the way they played this on the 2000 tour felt like being swept away by a toxic wave of sludge. Played with an extended intro, tuned down, and with the violence level dialed up an order of magnitude higher than that of the album version. Billy’s screaming during the third verse is something else entirely, he’s just the best.

I wasn’t at this particular show (United Center November 2000, second to last show) but it’s the best balance of sound quality and performance from that era I can find. Probably the definitive version.


Lakini’s Juice
I Alone
Lighting Crashes


Impossible Soul
My Father My King
Private Psychedelic Reel

I guess I like a long one.


Good thread.

Low - Fly @ Barbican

Twilight Sad - Mapped By What Surronded Them @ Parc Cituadella

Blur - The Universal @ Primavera

Not even a Blur fan but they nailed it

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Sufjan Stevens - Impossible Soul @ Brighton Dome
Joanna Newsom - Sawdust & Diamonds @ Green Man

Stock third answer would have been Wake Up @ Latitude but that memory’s obviously been soured. Will go for Run Away With Me @ Victoria Warehouse

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So jealous of those of you who have seen Impossible Soul live :heart_eyes:


Probably a big recency bias, but I saw these 3 within the space of 3 months a few years back and two of them reduced me to tears:

Rosalia - Catalina (Mad Cool Festival 2019)
Big Thief - Terminal Paradise (Primavera Festival 2019)
Tropical Fuck Storm - You Let My Tyres Down (PowerHaus 2019)


Will have to think hard about 2&3 but #1 is pretty clearly Machine Gun - Portishead. So powerful

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Was in the crowd for this

It was fucking amazing (if it’s not ruled out due to PEDs)

will have to think about a top 3


Ace thread. Probably only my number 1 is locked.

Impossible Soul - Sufjan @ RFH
Eulogy - Tool @ Brixton 2001
Razamatazz - Pulp @ Motorpoint Area 2012

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Impossible Soul - Sufjan Stevens @ Brighton Dome, 2011
Mogwai Fear Satan - Mogwai @ O2 Academy Bournemouth 2011 (First time seeing them and it was great)
Down By The River or Over The Ocean - Low @ Green Man 2013


Probably WU LYF - Heavy Pop at An Outlet back in the day is number 2 but since the only version from gigs of theirs that I was at and know exists is from St Peter’s and I recorded it that will have to not go on. I’ve kept it to videos on youtube for gigs I was at.





great thread

no idea what my answer is other than Wake Up, and as already mentioned that’s not the memory it used to be

will probably be unable to stop thinking about this for the next few days :smiley:


Crazy how beautiful that song is live :fire:

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I’m a massive fan of The genre “song that’s all quiet on record and the band turns it into a rager live”

Was lucky enough to see Big Thief rip up DNWMIBIY earlier this year

And back in 1995 i saw REM turn Drive into this

Not a great recording but you might get the idea.

Anyway all of which supports my “Big Thief are this generation’s REM” thesis and i will not be taking questions at this time.


Off the top of my head

The Antlers - Kettering - Bristol Louisiana. Incredibly emotional. Felt like something really speacial

Sigur Ros - #8 (Popplagið). Always amazing. What a way to end a set

Twilight Sad - And She Will Darken The Memory. Again, always amazing every time i witness it. It’s one of the most perfect songs and love it goes to another level

(also just remembered Trepanning by Cave In. So much fun. And Six Days at the Bottom Of The Ocean by EITS. Blew me away when I saw it. etched in my memory)


I was at that Willis Earl Beal show. Special moment. Jealous of the Arctic monkeys apollo gig.

Bon Iver - Perth
Darkside - Heart
Prince - don’t make me choose

All within a couple of years, all in Manchester. Probably just a seminal point in my life so they all hit harder. Kendrick at Glasto this year right up there too.

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