Top 40 Richard Madeley quotes



New DiS is nearly one!

I’ve read this a million times but it never gets old.



yeah same, just revisited it though and thought it needs bringing to the public every 6 months or so


Much like:


I’m almost unable to read that full list anymore because I collapse in fits of laughter. Too good like.


it’s the dog one that gets me



I pick a new favourite every time I see this list. This time, Yorkshire T and Soap Droppah have done me.


Full list is wonderful:


This one:

(To Judy) "Do you remember that soup I made last week? Absolutely horrible. Had to throw it in the garden”




coincidence haha


That’s unbelievable…


Literally sounds like he’s doing an impression of Partridge


yeah, there are bits where he slows down which actually sound like Partridge in his tone of voice and speech patterns.

I actually think Partridge has become more like Madeley in recent years.


Accusations of being ‘like Alan Partridge’ are levelled at too many these days.

But is absolutely the case with Richard Madely