Top 5 Brands of Continental Europe

  1. Milka
  2. Don Simon
  3. Maxibon
  4. Bonilla a la vista
  5. Hypovereinsbank


oh man



very strong brand. tbh, anything that sponsored the champions league from 1996-2004 or alpine ski events, i’ll buy.










And that was my Final Countdown.


Carrefour- good work France, these are very good supermarkets

Billa- please try harder Austria, this is very bland

Pennymarkt- piss off Germany, this is terrible

  1. Mika
  2. Paul simon
  3. Maxi priest
  4. Bonnie tyler
  5. Hoobastank


la roche posay
french mcdonalds - our mcdonalds should do la sauce pommes-frites and beer
also french haribos, french fanta etc.
can’t believe nobody has said ferrero because they also own kinder and nutella so they trump everyone. you can get kinder country bars over here now, though.


that marabou bar that has diam AND saltlakrits in it


my mams valencian mates supplied our house with chovi aioli for years, practically swimming in the stuff as a kid, i was.







Ritter Sport


my brand awareness of Amstel is very high from that era. I’ve never drank any, though.