Top 5 British Soap Opera Characters

  1. Beppe Di Marco
  2. Seth Armstrong
  3. Nasty Nick Cotton
  4. Peggy Mitchell
  5. Curly
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  1. Blanche off Corra
  2. Steve off Corra (special mention to Liz and Jim as well)
  3. Dev off Corra (special mention to his Uncle Umed as well)
  4. Les off Corra
  5. Robbie off Eastenders

You forgot Norris, TKC

Norris - cunt.

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dont really like Norris (sorry!)

You realise that my opinion of you has really plummeted now

Also no mention for Umed

Amos off Emmerdale
Grant Mitchell
Marcus Tandy
Dot Cotton
Bet Lynch

I did mention Umed!

Norris is too much of a fuddy duddy. not funny enough and Mary is the WORST

  1. Bouncer
  2. Wellard
  3. Schmeichel
  4. Willy
  5. Ghengis

Fair point (I don’t read brackets)

Marcooos! Marcooos!


Hilda Ogden
Annie Walker
Bet Lynch
Grant Mitchell
Dot Cotton

Dave Onions
Cousin Mickey Knives
Pissed Beryl
Jackie Feathers
Potato “Nobby Nobbo Nobster” Nobbs

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Hilda Ogden
Richard Hillman
Barry Grant
Jez Quigley
The tram driver on Corrie

Can we talk about British soap opera storylines you remember from your youth here?

whatshisface from Spandau Ballet in the nightclub killing Saskia with an ash tray and the DJ lad helping him clear up the mess