Top 5 Festive films

  1. Elf - Sporadically funny, but actually a bad film (like, who is the bad guy?)
  2. The Santa Clause (I’m a big Tim Allen fan, what can I say)
  3. The Muppets Christmas Carol (How can you not love the Ghost of Christmas Present)
  4. Die Hard (I feel like there’s backlash about this not being a Christmas film this year, but whatever)
  5. Home Alone (Because it’s great)


So you think your #1 is a bad film…?


Wait, no, I swear I reversed the numbering - Home Alone is number one, Elf was number five.


Today is going brilliantly.


Ha, Discourse doesn’t let you do lists in reverse order!

NUMBER 5: Love Actually
NUMBER 4: The Grinch
NUMBER 3: The Muppet Christmas Carol
NUMBER 2: Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
NUMBER 1: Home Alone

(I’ve never seen Elf :scream:)


Really? Did I actually type it out properly then it reversed it?


It’s a wonderful life, nightmare before Christmas, die hard and/or lethal weapon, gremlins, miracle on 34th street (the 40s version, not that one with the annoying kid).


In no real order

Die Hard
Die Hard 2 - die harder
Jingle All the Way


(Fuck it, I actually like Love Actually. There are some shit storylines but some that I genuinely like.)

Oh and honourable mention to Arthur Christmas, which hass a decent stab at explaining how Santa manages to deliver all the presents.


Muppet Christmas Carol close 6th


Batman Returns
Die Hard
Muppets Christmas Carol
Bad Santa



Sneaky fucks!


I’m with you with your choices, and will throw in

  1. Jingle all the way - so bad it’s good
  2. Christmas with the Kranks - not great but Tim Allen trying to eat after botox is a genuine LOL
  3. Scrooged - great
  4. Maybe not technically a film but The Stickman BBC adaptation is fantastic
  5. The Grinch. Underrated and really good


You fucking idiots!

Christmas Vacation.
Some others.

  1. The Apartment
  2. Die Hard
  3. It’s a wonderful life
  4. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  5. Trading Places

Favourite film to watch around Christmas time is actually Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but that’s Thanksgiving innit.


Oh yes, love the Grinch


FFS these were numbered 6-10. Fucking hell theo @1101010


In no particular order:

Charlie Brown Christmas
Muppets Christmas Carol
It’s A Wonderful Life
Miracle on 34th Street (the original one)
Babes In Toyland (the Laurel & Hardy one)


Aye, what a shower of muppets. Christmas vacation is clearly one of the greats