Top 5 mafia related films


I’ve just whacked (haha) Goodfellas on after reading about it being re-released. Think the top five, in order is -

A Bronx Tale
Donnie Brasco

Obvs Sopranos is as good if not better than all of them.

Gangster films that aren’t about the mafia accepted but not encouraged.


Yeah that’s about right.



about right, might put two before 1 just for the Italy scenes and maybe swap Donnie Brasco for the The Departed (is that Mafia?)


here’s mine

Carlito’s Way - guess it’s not the mafia, but I love it
Donnie Brasco

Pulp Fiction could be in there - but I’m categorizing that as more of a Crime film than a classic gangster film


yes I’d have carlito’s way too


Put Once Upon a Time in America on the list, take out Goodfellas.


If you introduce films that are not mafia (Carlitos Way and Pulp Fiction) then I would probably put my favourite western in there.


yeah, sorry. I’ve ruined it haven’t I


Once Upon a Time is not the mafia either (they are Jewish gangsters)


Anyway, “mafia” doesn’t necessarily mean only Italian or Italian-American organised crime syndicates.


Does The Untouchables count?

Because great though those Godfather movies are, they don’t really have the “back from a night out a bit drunk with a pizza, let’s just stick on a fun film” vibe that The Untouchables has.


Some of us respect the artform Theo


A great point and one that I have taken on board. Thanks R.


I am strongly in favour of Carlito’s Way being on the list. Triumphant performances from Pacino and Penn.




Scarface is number 1