Top 5 Museums

  1. Pitt Rivers, Oxford
  2. Ghibli, Tokyo
  3. Mary Rose, Portsmouth
  4. Peace Museum, Hiroshima
  5. British Museum, London

Thanks for reading, share yours if you want

  1. Muscle

Natural History Museum, London
Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Revolution Museum, Ljubljana
Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin (mostly because it often has great temporary exhibitions)
Museo del Prado, Madrid

  1. Horniman Museum, London
  2. Don’t care

Vasa > Mary Rose, imho

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Science And Industry Museum, Manchester.
Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum, Glasgow.
Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History, Belgium.
Natural History Museum, London.
Museu d’Historia de Catalunya, Barcelona.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Boymans Van Beuningen

Oh they’re all good!

museum of everything: very disappointing

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I like the V&A
And also that one full of bits of animals

Checkpoint Charlie - Berlin
Four other great museums

Ellis Island
Salford IWM
The big train one in York
The war one in Passchendaele (not the shiny, moneyed one in Ypres)
Churchill War Rooms

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the London Transport Museum has an exhibition next month which includes something my wife did, so that gets my number one spot. plus i like that sort of thing anyway :+1:

the chocolate museum in Bruges was good, free chocolate always helps

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Always knew you were my fave diser :kissing_heart:

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wish I could go to a museum :frowning:

Oh yeah, forgot about that one. Really liked it.

Science Museum
Media Museum in Bradford
Museum of Childhood
Natural History Museum

Sorry for LME centric choices. Need to go to more indie museums

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I’m sure @epimer’s list will read as follows:

Butter Museum, Cork.

And that’s it.


In no particular order and names wrong because I am busy
National History Museum, London
Museum of Civilization, Ottawa
Railway Museum, York
War Museum or something, Dublin
Archaeological Museum or something, Varna

there’s a good one in kettering that has a mummified cat

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