Top 5 stadia

One, rule folks: you need to have attended a match of some sort therein (no “I saw a glimpse of it from a moving train”).


  • Craven Cottage
  • Estadio do Dragao
  • Montreal Forum (RIP)
  • Oracle Park (SF Giants)
  • Cameron Indoor (Duke college basketball)

Is this top 5 stadia that we’ve been to?


You trying to suggest I should’ve read the OP?


Camp Nou
King Power Stadium
Whatever Koln’s stadium is called
Steel Park

#1 the crucible

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  1. Anfield (obvs)
  2. Nou Camp
  3. San Siro
  4. Yankee Stadium
  5. Stade de France

Full disclosure: this is a thinly veiled attempt to recount the time I saw Denzel Washington in the flesh watching his son play for UPenn against Duke, while the crowd chanted “Training Day sucked!”.

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  1. Home Park
  2. Stadio Olimpico
  3. Nou Camp
  4. New Wembley
  5. Craven Cottage

Old Wembley and Fratton Park easily the worst.

There’s arguably no better atmosphere in the world than the Millenium for an important rugby game

  1. Anfield
  2. Nou Camp
  3. Emirates
  4. Wembley
  5. City Ground

Old Trafford was impressive, but the way the stands are make the atmosphere dogshit.

Side note: enjoyed how my phone autocorrected 1 to “A field”.

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As much as I hate eggball, I went to Wales v Ireland there once and it was incredible.

  1. Stade Velodrome
  2. Westfalenstadion
  3. Camp Nou
  4. Valeriy Lobanovskiy
  5. Elland Road*

*Not entirely objective

I don’t even know how you can rate stadiums?? I can comment on the ones I’ve been to but I wouldn’t know how to say what constitutes 5 favourite ones.

My favourite is of course the Longmead and my honourable mention is Meadowbank, not because it’s an amazing stadium by any means (one of the stands behind the goal is to the side??) but because the women’s toilets were fantastic :heart_eyes:

Also is anyone else on

Same with rating anything, just pick the five you liked the best.

While I’m here, I’ve got to promote this stadium due to the fact that it’s probably one of the only stadia in the world where you can* get a great view of the game for free by wandering over to the back and watching through a chain-link fence. I saw 2 games there, one in paid seats and the other for free. The free game was probably better, mostly due to the cool scene down by then fence, populated by SF die-hards who may not have had the cash to get through the gates. Also Barry Bonds hit one of his home runs in his 73 record season.

(*) not sure if this is still the case

shit yeah the crucible

guess I’ll have to take Steel Park out

  1. Vélodrome André-Pétrieux
  2. ???

But that’s the thing - I don’t really ever come away thinking “What a great ground.” I can’t say whether I liked a ground or not. I enjoy visiting new ones but there’s very little that I can separate them on in terms of likeability factor

Forgot Twerton Park.