Top 5 tracks with Damon Albarn


Mine goes like this;

The Good, The Bad & The Queen. Herculean.
Blur. Out Of Time.
Gorillaz. On Melancholy Hill.
Blur. Caramel.
Damon Albarn. Lonely Press Play.


Tender x5


The Universal

Thats it really


This is a low
Yuko and hiro
Trouble at the message centre


All Blur
1 - Caramel
2 - Bad Head
3 - Battle
4 - Strange News from Another Star
5 - He Thought of Cars

Close not-blurs

  • Melancholy Hill (Gorilaz)
  • Herculean (TGTBTQ)
  • Lonely Push Play (Solo)


so happy with all the love for Caramel. used to listen to it when i couldnt sleep in the first year of uni bc i was totally homesick and miserable and heartbroken

thinnnnnk my list is:
1- Beetlebum
2- For Tomorrow (Visit to Primrose Hill extended version)
3- Tender
4- Caramel
5- Ambulance

honourable mentions: To The End, Empire Ants, Popscene


Out of Time
No Distance Left to Run
Hong Kong
Sweet Song


Out of Time
Feel Good


Oh yeah beetlebum, forgot about that one




Actually Out Of Time too