Top Boy (incl. Top Boy Summerhouse)

Fuck Buttons on the soundtrack! Had completely forgotten about that.


Binged pretty much the entire last season tonight. Sensational.

Quite honestly it could’ve done with a couple of extra episodes to give it some breathing room, some of it felt a little rushed in places, but I’m happy with how it all ended.

I’m devestated.

Am 2 seasons behind having last watched in 2020, so googled “season 3 recap” to refresh my memory before settling down to watch - and basically there were the massive spoilers top of the search results.

Genuinely ruined my evening.

Latest season has been great so far although I have to say…Dushane killing Jeffrey felt weirdly upsetting I know neither are exactly upstanding gentlemen but it just seemed particularly nasty given both the brutal nature of it and the fact Jeffrey had relatively little power over the situation which Dushane was angry at him about

latest season finale spoliers

are we supposed to think/know Stef killed Sully? that was an amazing last couple of episodes but CBA with another season, it feels wrapped up and they should have finished it there

That was the last episode of the final season so there won’t be anymore (S5E6). Positive that person isn’t Stef who you see walking away from the car - looks nothing like him or what he was wearing when he confronted Sully in the park. There were so many people that would’ve wanted Sully gone it could’ve been anyone. Current favourite theories are it’s the Irish gang getting revenge, or (more out there) it was Jaq’s girlfriend

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Oh well that’s a relief/slightly annoying!

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One of my favourite TV moments this. So perfectly sound tracked. The whole thing is actually.

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Nearly finished series two. Glad we rewatched - I had forgotten loads, including Jason’s introduction.

It’s pretty clear when Drake gets involved and they get an injection of cash, but I think in my head the first two series were a bit budget, and not that great. But that is totally wrong - it’s so well done. Does really benefit from not being on that shitty 4OD app anymore though.

DJ Shadow too!

Don’t remember this one. Definitely want to go back and watch the whole thing. 3 episodes into the final season last night and randomly wondering whatever happened to Ra’nell.

(Sure it gets explained at some point, I’ve just genuinely forgotten).

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Yeah, was wondering the same. He’s still in it midway through series 2. Doing football trials, whilst his Mum (and Gem’s dad) is trying to deal with the rent hikes on their businesses.

Had kind of forgotten about the gentrification theme, works really well as you have the backdrop of the London Stadium, London Overground etc.

New series has made me re subscribe to Netflix (gone for the 4.99 with ads option which is way less intrusive than expected), might do a full rewatch once it’s done.

Original two series were very very good but from the moment Drake got involved it was the beginning of diminishing returns, despite some excellent moments and characters along the way (Michael Ward as Jamie being the obvious standout of the new characters introduced from S3 onwards.) Latest season was imo rushed and forced and confused in a lot of its narrative and character choices, at best, completely shark jumping at worst. Ending was as meh as it gets. Kano as Sully was never anything short of excellent though as others have said.

My take on the ending was that it’s been left ambiguous on purpose. Much like Tony Soprano, Sully has caused irreparable damage to so many lives that revenge could have come from so many places. Personally, because of the tall slim build of the person you see running away I figured it might have been Si (the guy who’s taken Stefan under his wing and given him the gun) after Sully shoved his gun down his throat in the previous episode. But as others have said, revenge from the Irish gang is plausible and there’s likely a few other candidates as well.

Overall, I’ve absolutely loved it, ever since the first episode aired in 2011. It’s easily an all time top 10 for me, holding it’s weight against the golden age greats from across the pond. Easily the best British drama I’ve ever watched. Agree that the original two Channel 4 series were a cut above and it’s not been quite as consistently good since Netflix revived it but I’m still grateful they did and I feel they’ve given us a really satisfying fleshing out of the rest of the story and a good ending.

Kano will no doubt be overlooked but deserves all of the Baftas, Emmys and any other award going for his portrayal of Sully. The standout character throughout. But I think Walters gets overlooked as Dushane as well, did so well to balance the cold, evil overlord with some genuine joyous moments spent with Shelly or his mum, really hammered home in that last episode as he’s looking at all the photographs left behind in the house he grew up in.

Wish I’d binge watched 1-4 before the final series but will definitely be doing a full re-watch at some point in the future.

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Oh, you think? Not seen the latest one yet, and am only part way through a rewatch but I remember thinking series 3 & 4 were actually a step up. Modie is great, so is Jaq, Ats and Stefan are excellent, Cam is unhinged - had forgotten about him.

The trap house in Ramsgate plot is so good - and one of the saddest moments in the show.

Not sure if this has been answered but want to start this soon, confused by Summerhouse. Are these the first two series and the best place to start? Or some sort of spin off?

Aye those are the first two. ‘Summerhouse’ comprises the original series that aired on channel 4 back in the day.

The first season of the Netflix show (the third season overall) continues with many of the same characters from before.

I reckon you’ll definitely want to start with ‘Summerhouse’ - to see the plots of those characters and have a better handle on what’s what.


Properly enjoyed S1 and S2 (Summerhouse). The third episode of S2 in particular is a perfect episode of telly. Not that it has a big setpiece or anything, all the parts just fit together so well.

Currently midway through S3. I think this season started too slowly but it’s great now. The fire was fucking brutal. It also looked quite real? Didn’t seem like CGI which is refreshing.

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All those elements you mention were good but i don’t think the extra budget/big corporate input did it loads of favours overall. And i just cant get past how rushed this last series feels. Poor writing with so many arcs mishandled or just left - loads of time spent on elements that don’t play well on screen (avoiding spoilers here!) Ashley Walters interviews around it are suggesting he’s far from happy himself at how it’s turned out. Feels like they ran out of ideas and just killed it off.