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Ordered a rocking chair online a few weeks ago, it arrived, and I put it together, all seemed good. Realised as soon as I sat in it though that the pockets in the arm covers had big holes in the bottom, the material had just frayed to nothing, so they were essentially useless.

Wrote an email to the company asking if they could send new arm covers. After asking for pics of the issue, they agreed to do so. They arrived, and I tried to swap them. Unfortunately, it was immediately clear they were at least six inches too short, and a couple of inches too narrow, and were padded in a totally different way to the originals. Basically, they were clearly intended for a different model chair. So emailed the company again, with pics.

Their response?

“Are you able to stretch the shorter one as this look like it is bunched up.”

Great thread, huh?


Why have you got a rocking chair?


It is a nursing chair for my wife and forthcoming baby.


He should have been able to work that out.

Seems like he doesn’t care much about your life.


Tell them where to stick their chair m8


I’m not sure about his stance in the first place to be quite honest. Who wouldn’t want a rocking chair? They rock! Literally!




Well don’t leave us hanging! Can you stretch the shorter one or not?


Just leave it - your wife will be so busy looking at the baby she won’t notice.


You cannot.

Maybe I’ll film myself trying to do so and send that to them as evidence.


Now THAT is a plan!


Why would a rocking chair have pockets?


I’m pretty sure the studs don’t even match, so even if it could be made to fit, it wouldn’t attach.


To store things in.


Put stuff in?


Here is the chair to help illustrate this pulsating narrative of woe:


That’s not a rocking chair. It’s practically a spaceship.


I believe technically it’s what’s known as a “glider”.


We’ll have to consult Epimer. He knows all the cuck terminology.


Did you ever figure out where the piss came from?