Top five cities/places you've been to

  1. New York - It’s New York. It’s fucking amazing.
  2. Tokyo - Quirky, warm and friendly. The Japanese are the nicest people.
  3. Austin - I had such a brilliant time there a few months ago.
  4. Stockholm - Maybe the most underrated city in Europe when people think of city breaks. It’s beautiful. The different islands in the archipelago gives you a different experience with each bridge cross. The Gamla Stan is stunning.
  5. Madrid. Barcelona may be better for many people but Madrid was my first city break alone many many years ago. I went again with some mates for the second time in January. We had so much fun. Just for the memories Madrid just nudges Barca.


Costa Rica (didn’t spend more than an evening in a city, so all of it in general), Lisbon, Munich, Seville, Perth (the Australian one, although I’m sure the Scottish one is lovely if you like that kind of thing).


Alright Chalmers


Actually sub out Munich for the Amalfi coast.

  1. Berlin. I, like every twenty something with any vague interest in art/culture/music, just feel like I’m home when I’m here.
  2. Barcelona. Beautiful, great history. Really want to get better at Catalan before going again.
  3. Budapest. Cheap as chips and utterly stunning. Spent ages in the baths and could only bring myself to leave when I got too hungry.
  4. Stockholm. Also stunning, but I think it’ll be a while before I go again.
  5. Prague.

This has reminded me I haven’t left Europe in ages/have a bunch more places I want to go.




Sarajevo, Copenhagen, Vienna, London, Mostar (used to have Paris in my top 5 but I think about Mostar and the fun i had there way more often than the time I had in Paris.)

  1. London.
  2. Sevilla - so laid back with absolutely no pretentions, plus amazing food, drink, buildings and weather.
  3. Madrid - people there are ridiculously friendly and welcoming. lovely bars, restaurants and buildings to look at.
  4. Liverpool - Liverpudlians are cool.
  5. Bristol - A small, more manageable London. Loads of great venues and you’re in the countryside in under an hour.

Guildford would be no. 1, but it’s been duped out of city status for 20 or so years now.


Everywhere’s the same




antrim coast




Could’ve picked 5 Japanese cities tbh


In no particular order, Liverpool, Berlin, Bordeaux, Lisbon and Istanbul.



Places would include The Great Barrier Reef, Yosemite and The Lake District with a couple of the above.


Didn’t notice this wasn’t just cities. Swap Snowdonia for Lisbon


Chicago - friendlier place than NYC I thought, amazing music scene, just all round good vibe. and a beach.
Barcelona - I’ve had so many fun holidays here, love the place. nb I’ve only ever been in the summer.
Stockholm - live here at the moment, really enjoy it and I am only just scratching the surface.
London - have a love/hate relationship with it but I have to have somewhere in the UK huh.
Paris - Really enjoyed it, such a beautiful city just to walk around.

I would have said Oxford as it’s where I grew up and where all my friends were but a) the city has serious problems and b) my friends aren’t there any more.


Hargeisa - it was really cool, I was still a foreigner but in a different way to the way I am in England? That same feeling of being home but in a different way (as a British born Somali person). Also because the city is in sub Saharan Africa but quite elevated, the weather was literally perfect when I went, about 25-27 degrees (sunny, a couple of vivid thunderstorms)

  • Abu Dhabi


Oh if it’s places too swap London for Berbera, it’s a sad bombed out town but the coastline is one of the remotest in the world, feels like you’ve got the Indian ocean to yourself. It was about 40 degrees thoigh which wasn’t nice unless you were in the water
Edit: gulf of aden apparently not the Indian ocean on that bit


Lake Brienz
East Kilbride