top of the (FRIDAY) morning! ☘️

Happy Friday

Whats up?

Tiny Shannon Beador top of the morning gif for st paddy’s day :shamrock:

I have to go to the office for the fourth day this week as my boss is over. It’s safe to say I’m so very tired. No idea how we used to do this all the time.


God that’s a good episode. Hasn’t Kelly Dodd gone full MAGA?

And transphobe. Such a shame as she was so entertaining and messy to watch.

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It’s always the Kellies.

So so sweaty. Dont even remember having a fever last night but wow, my pyjamas are disgusten.

Meant to be going to the cinema tonight as I’m childfree.

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Morning, day off with the kiddo, got swimming lessons at 11, then deciding what to do for the rest of the day. She’s watching Vegesaurs for the billionth time.

I am going to an actual gig tonight though, Kerbdog! What a time to be alive and apt for St Paddy’s Day.



Happy ATFIDRAIBA Day! I remembered just now that I’ve got 4 days off after today so that’s nice. Gonna play the wolfe tones all day and sell some beer I reckon.


Another one for the sleep crew

Bowling later as a goodbye for someone at work: I was good last time but haven’t played in months so interested to see how I fare now

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh! :shamrock:

Celebrating by running a half marathon this morning, then going to see Orbital later. Pray for my stamina.


fucking hell, jealous!!!


focal suas!

Got a hearing this morning, probably won’t be fun. Some snooker later though which should be fun.

Toying with the idea of an hour and twenty drive with no heaters to see the Van Pelt. 20 year old me would be furious at current me for even debating it but…well, life.

Have fun fools, and remember, its the league which counts

played the last gig before my bassist is due to give birth in May, was fun but my mouth is like a budgie cage

Word up!

Got some household chores and work chores to tackle then will probably treat myself to a Guinness after work before going to see FUZZ.

Happy Friday all :wave:

Accidentally booked a hotel stay for me and my mum on Mother’s Day, I came clean and told her it was a complete coincidence and I’m sadly not that thoughtful :laughing: sigh, I wish I was. But yes very much looking forward to this :blush:

Off for the next week which is nice, I’m going home for it which again is very very nice but I’m annoyed with myself as I would really like a week doing things in my own flat for piece of mind. Im annoyed because I seem to be 100 times slower than everyone at getting things organised at home. Whhhyyy.

Also, I don’t know what’s happened lately but I’ve been feeling very much like I want to be more alone than usual and overwhelmed by making plans and would quite like to just turn my phone off and not see or worry about or speak to anyone for a week. Of course I feel horrible saying that because I like speaking to and seeing people, just my brain being difficult and maybe needing a bit of a reset, dunno. Blah blah.

Anyway, also been watching lots of docs about cults lately. That’s been horrible but interesting.


I’ve spent all week listening to the first two albums in the car.

I’m very jealous.

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Hi hi hi

Friday innit. Just done drop off at school. Now off to work. My bosses boss is visiting right about now, so I’ll hold off going in until the last minute. Might buy one of those overshirts I posted yesterday (probably the green one if I’m being honest).

Making chicken yassa for dinner with cous cous and flatbread. Should be banging


Don’t feel guilty about this.


Always imagine this with a little salute afterwards.


Got a doctor’s appointment in half an hour, test results back, that kind of thing

I really haven’t been myself since getting Covid in Jan 2022 & have been worse since getting it again in November (though the actual Covid wasn’t too bad)

I hope the test results show something that I can just bosh some pills for, we’ll see


I had such a good night seeing Self Esteem with some of my best mates and when we got back we hung out with Frida, their very shy/nervous cat who we have to remind we’re her friends whenever we visit but we got there quicker than usual this time and she was letting us stroke her sweet fluffy belly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tonight the menfolk are going to the football and my bb’s taking me out for cocktails :cocktail:

And tomorrow :owl::owl::owl::owl: