top of the (FRIDAY) morning! ☘️

Seem to have a cold. Off to give it to the parents later

saw them last week and it was amazing


and Schar, what’s a man to do?

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I’m going to that too!! :metal:


Well you know what this means this weekend… vernal equinox baby

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Also today is the last day where the sun isn’t up for over half the day, for over half a year!! :tada:


On a train to Dublin and there’s a guy sitting diagonally over from me who I just glanced over at and he’s transformed from normal clothes into full Paddy’s Day regalia and facepaint since the last time I looked over :smiley:


Someone (really lovely) just said “bye bae” to me at the end of a professional call :heart_eyes:

So cute :face_holding_back_tears:


Just had to give up a ticket to Kali Malone because of a sick kid. Bleh.

Off to go get my pint before the Irish dancing kicks in at my local.


Oh go on then, just this once (£3.50).

I know there’s a Guinness thread but cba


No evening thread?

On first listen, the instrumentation is lovely but I’m not convinced by the vocals. Will investigate further though, ta :slight_smile:

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Yeah given the power of Cocteau’s vocals I thought that would be a stumbling point, I just dug the album on first listen and melodically thst track jumped out to me as similar enough to be worth flagging :slight_smile:

I think with some ethereal Liz-esque vocals it would be amazing, but I’ll check out the album for sure

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I lost my favourite necklace last week :broken_heart: it was in the flat, where could it have gone?!

And now my kindle has gone from under my pillow.

Poltergeist pls, give them back.

Goodnight sweet angels :revolving_hearts:

Going to attempt to get out of my bad mood i guess