Top of the Lake 2: China Girl




Ooh is it on now? Will catch up in a bit.




Gwendoline Christie’s accent was bad in Hunger Games so I’m glad she wasn’t attempting one here.


The old one anywhere, might rewatch that first.


Was on iplayer a week or so ago


Oh yeah ep 1 there for next 10 days, grand.


Whole of this new series is on iPlayer it seems.

Spoiler comments on Ep 2 or later please.


Tried to watch it but it’s just showing an error. The iplayer app is a piece of shite.


Rejected fugees first draft?


Thought this wasn’t till September for some reason


Yeah it wasn’t supposed to be but I guess it was shunted forward.


Nicole kidman’s face is really distracting. Is it her teeth?


Find it hard to like E. Moss now i know she’s a scientologist :confused: was pretty good on the whole though. CGI babies were weird.


Thought it was going to be an Ally McBeal interactive game someone was playing at first.




Oh there was this CGI baby that used to pop up in the show. Really weird.


Believe its on Netflix too

Is the first series worth watching?


Yeah it’s v good


I mean this: