Top of the Pops

If we’re all being honest with ourselves, the best fizzy pop available is this


The de-sugared normal one is still better than this muck.

That’s a big if



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Actually, don’t reply to this thread. I’ll do a countdown in a couple of days to give the definitive rankings


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Why didn’t the fucking line show up


it is now a gate

This is good and all, but the answer is Rio or Lilt. And don’t tell me what to do.

Lilt by Fanta*

If you’re going to be a regular Dennis the Menace and break the rules at least get the names right

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*Funkhouser by shut up.

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Rubicon mango


You know what’s funny, I can never decide if I really like Appletizer or if I don’t like it at all. Every time I have a sip and think ‘do I like this?’ and I just don’t know. But not in an ‘it’s so-so’ way, in a way that is deeply confusing and that compels me to drink more Appletizer. If I was obscenely rich I might pay for a scientist to look at my brain whilst drinking Appletizer so they can tell me if I like it or not.

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It used to be ting but the sugar tax massacred my boy. Now it’s this

this is a big contender. Must be something good in whatever makes them orange

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Ginger beer for if you’re having it with spirits. Irn Bru if you’re having it as is.

Does Appletiser count? Appletiser is great

Is it though?

fucking HELL fucking HELL FUCKING hell FUCK. ING. HELL.

If I wasn’t the only one adhering to my thread rules I would say it is a fizzy drink but not a soft drink which I would class pop as


Think I’ll wait for a few weeks before announcing my #softdrinkofthesummer2022
Excited for this countdown though