Top of the Spots

This is a fun game to play, isn’t it Andy?

Until you discover that Numb by Linkin Park has had 10x as many plays as Glory Box by Portishead and suddenly the world doesn’t seem so fun any more.

I got 11.

i got two

10 on second try

I got 12, what do I win?

my eternal respect

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Basically pick ed Sheehan, Adele or drake and you’re a winner

I found the rule ‘click on whichever would make you despair for humanity more’ worked until Rihanna beat Nickelback.


I got 5

it turns our Radio Ga Ga is not as popular as some song by Maroon 5

I got 0. Linkin Park beating ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ ffs


Unbelievable fun!

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Glad you’re enjoying it mate x

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Great/massively depressing game. High score of 6 so far.


up ye

magnanimous in victory as always

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quite amazed at how many Pink Floyd have got

the Chainsmokers have a billion! who?

This game is great. Do I hold a current DiS high score?

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