Top Ten Metal Bands Of All Time



Red hot chili peppers


No Gojira love. Surprised.


Surprised to see some dispute about sabbath being a metal band but everyone going with faith no more… never considered them a metal band


But i suppose my list would have godflesh…


Far too into whales, aren’t they?


I’d consider anything under this and more to fall under the metal umbrella




What’s that band that does the one that goes “dun dun dun duggaduggaduggaduggadun dun dun daaaaaa daaaaa duggadaduggada WHOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRR bradaddadaaddadadadad duggadun dun dun dun”? Them, I reckon.


Sabbath are Metal in the same way that Iggy is Punk.


Obviously wrong. Everybody knows grunge was just a fashion scene not a metal sub-genre.


Tool / APC
Faith No More
Alice In Chains
Monster Magnet
Russian Circles / Isis / Pelican / Cult Of Luna etc

They’re really good.


Sonic Youth


Julia Holter?


Decent take


Legit love Julia Holter but also Meshuggah


I don’t really know enough about metal to have a top 10, but there’s a bunch of bands that do sound like that that I do really like; Meshuggah and Opeth and that sort of thing? Is that a thing? Also the ones that sound like Mogwai but slower and downtuned and more angry. Isis was one but it’s kind of hard to say you’re a fan of them these days.


Well I’ll be, looks like the door has been opened to putting The Smashing Pumpkins as the #1 metal band of all time.


well black metal floats in a cloud of controversy on political views and such but Burzum’s music is amazing.
really dig mayhem’s ep Deathcrush. Specially the Silvester Anfang intro (which was made by a former member of tangerine dream i think?) Talk about concept of making it sound as fucked up as possible. masterpieces .


Fuck all this lame non-metal shit. Deafheaven are the best that ever were.


We really should be giving top elevens here. So, in order of when I first heard them:

  1. Meat Loaf (top pick - Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell)

  2. Iron Maiden (Seventh Son mibbe, but it’s too hard to pick from so many classics)

  3. Guns ‘n’ Roses (controversy alert: Use Your Illusion I)

  4. The Wildhearts (Earth vs. The Wildhearts or P.H.U.Q.)

  5. Sunn O))) (Black One for the Metal, Monoliths & Dimensions for the jazz)

  6. Earth (everything, but especially Earth 2)

  7. Wolves in the Throne Room (Two Hunters)

  8. Brain Donor (Love, Peace & Fuck - Julian Cope, Doggen and Kevlar FTW)

  9. Sleep (Dopesmoker, obv.)

  10. OM (possibly controversially, Adviatic Songs)

  11. Pallbearer (Foundations of Burden)

and for a bonus 'best metal album I’ve heard in ages," have Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper