Top Ten Metal Bands Of All Time


  1. Metallica. It’s as metal as it gets!
  2. Megadeth. As above but with bass
  3. Gojira. Tastiest riffs ever + whale scrapes
  4. Slayer. Utter twunts for lyrical content but can only admire the savage riffery
  5. System Of A Down. Pogo pogo pogo!
  6. Deftones. Would be no.1 but they transcend metal for me
  7. Slipknot. Written some absolute bangers
  8. Faith No More…most of the metal I like (if indeed it’s actually metal) can be traced back to them. Big Jim ftw
  9. Meshuggah. Exhausting live but the Obzen album is just mechanical riffery of the highest order
  10. Celtic Frost. Always had a soft spot for them and they really screwed around with the metal format during their time.

Feel bad that I didn’t mention earthtone9, Sepultura, BMTH, Black Sabbath, Anthrax, Pitchshifter, Norma Jean, Down I Go and Killswitch Engage. Top tens suck


…and TesseracT. Damn!


Mirror Reaper is one hell of an album


Who’s the lad that burnt the churches down and killed those folk?

Nowt more metal than that.


King henry viii?


That’s the one.

Greensleeves is metal as fuck :metal:


Its where Sabbath (not a metal band) got the idea for their buccolic instrumentals


Varg Vikernes


For me, Clive:

1 - Sabbath - The originators and still those first six albums almost 50 years later still sound heavy as fuck

2 - Slayer - When I was a teenager metal began and ended with Slayer for me. When I first heard Reign In Blood, it blew my mind and must have been the album I listened too most between ages 15-18. The weekend was all about getting down to the local metal club and sticking in as many requests for Slayer as possible. Then me and my mates would all form a big circle, arm in arm and headbang til my neck fell off

3 - Sleep - Jersusalem and later, Dopesmoker, was easily one of my most listened to albums of my 20s. Seeing them at ATP was an incredible experience and one I never thought would happen

4 - Pantera - The other Slayer of my teenage years, the one that got me into metal in the first place. I knew there was a certain sound I really wanted to listen to but back then there weren’t the resources to find out about this stuff. I was on a bus to a hockey match and one of my mates and aye were sharing earphones. He put on Vulgar Display of Power and within seconds of hearing that first riff, I knew this was what I’d been looking for

5 - I suppose it has to be Metallica. In the same way as Nevermind, I think I overdosed on Metallica in that I 100% got all the enjoyment that I could out of that band and feel no compulsion to ever listen to them again. I’ll occasionally listen to Kill 'Em All these days but other than that, I don’t get excited by the music any more.

6 - Harvey Milk - A Small Turn of Human Kindness is a masterpiece of an album. Creston has one of the most incredible metal voices ever and their experimentation and humour keeps the music interesting.

7 - Sepultura - I almost exclusively listen to Beneath The Remains, Arise and Chaos AD but they’re more than enough. Again, Max has a brilliant voice.

I wouldn’t consider these ‘Metal’ but the other bands in and around that area I’d add in here would be

Melvins (Probably in #2 spot)
Faith No More

Depending on mood, maybe Electric Wizard would sneak in at 8


In no particular order except that Metallica are No. 1. The definitive metal band for me. The band that got me into metal. They get a lot of stick these days but they are the greatest metal band of all time even tho there recent albums aren’t great. Testament to how good the first 5. albums were.

  1. Metallica
  • Pantera
  • Converge
  • Isis
  • Down
  • Black Sabbath
  • Neurosis
  • Godflesh
  • Motorhead
  • Megadeth

Other favourites are: Melvins, Faith No More, Earth but I don’t consider them metal really.


Black Sabbath
Judas Priest
Deep Purple
Van Halen


Speaking of Harvey Milk, the woman’s reaction to their song in this video is brilliant


love doing meaningless lists like this (not in any order after first three)

metallica - best of the big 4 thrash bands
iron maiden - classic metal at its peak
black Sabbath - made the genre
mastodon - best metal band of the last decade or so but a bit shit now
motorhead - no discussion required
neurosis - post metal godfathers
sleep - best stoner rock / metal band
system of a down - no defence required
ulver - did the black metal thing at its best then kept changing and now sound like Depeche mode


Judas Priest
Morbid Angel
Lacuna Coil
Grim Reaper
Body Count


Aaahhhhh, The Wildhearts!! Best band ever.

New album currently being written!


For me (someone who totally bypassed any interest in heavier music as a kid aside from System of a Down):

  1. Earth - some of their records are arguably not at all metal, but I challenge anyone to listen to Earth 2 and call it anything else—any band that makes soundtracks to Cormac McCarthy novels is guaranteed to be an all-time favourite.
  2. Lightning Bolt - unbelievable amounts of fun delivered in the heaviest of ways.
  3. Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions is probably the best doom record out there. I really like their wholehearted loyalty to their aesthetic, too.
  4. Liturgy - Aesthethica stands as my favourite BM record, I think—incorporating elements of US minimalism, drone, and early music. Renihilation also great. Hunter HH has gone off the rails a bit though, granted.
  5. Deafheaven - easily mocked, but their mix of yearning emo mentality, shoegaze dynamics, and BM hits a very sweet spot for me. Also a couple of the best (& funniest) live shows I’ve seen.
  6. Wolves in the Throne Room - the right amount of Norwegian BM influence coupled with an Escape to the Country philosophy I find extremely compelling whilst recognising it’s kind of problematic
  7. Panopticon - also potentially easily mocked for jamming genres together, but bluegrass and black metal gel much better than they have any right to
  8. Ash Borer - extremely good at both howling wind tunnel BM and grim, dank passages

can’t think of other bands I love enough to include without feeling forced.
Unless The Locust count as metal? Then they go number 1


interesting that you class Jane’s as metal. They are in my top 5 bands of all time but never considered them as such. Cool though.




Mastodon and Dillinger just miss out too. Forgot about them!


Thank GOD someone finally put converge!!!