Top Ten Metal Bands Of All Time



technically more of a metalco-




Mutoid Man


probaly idk

black sabbath
iron maiden
napalm death
dillinger escape plan


Used to love Deftones when White Pony came out. Not really kept up with them since tho…


Who are the ones who have the pink bubble font for their band name logo? Put them at number 1 for me please.


party cannon?


I forgot about them in my list, though I’m not familiar enough with their discography to have named them I guess. I only know Forever Becoming and the incredible “March into the Sea” - are any of their albums on the level of that song?


hot damn! is the greatest metal album of all time




what’s the first five letters of metalcore eric?


interested to see why you thought they were the funniest?

seen them twice me and technically they were great first time. however,first time was a really intense show - George basically just standing, hovering his mike over the crowd in Soup Kitchen and just staring out. was great

saw them last year at Gorilla and thought while they still sounded great, his dance moves were just so so offputting, it soured it for me. was a bit like La Dispute in that respect


Andrew WK (times 10)


I (like to) think some of their shtick is tongue-in-cheek.
The dance moves definitely contributed to how funny I found their show at KOKO on that same tour, even while they were extremely tight. The only thing that made the night a bit of a downer was KOKO being fucking rubbish and the sound being tinny as hell and weirdly quiet.
Their Hallowe’en show in Brighton in 2012/2013 was very intense and technically excellent, but still funny (George very delicately putting on his leather gloves, for e.g.).


I put Converge, up there somewhere. ^


yeah March To The Sea is pretty much the reason Pelican are on my list, although all of that album, The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw is as good, as is Australasia.

I’d highly recommend the latest Russian Circles and Cult Of Luna albums too…


I ended up listening to some of this last night after seeing this post and I quite liked it vocals aside!



I kind of know what you mean, but at the risk of revealing my age, when they were an active band it was the metal kids I knew who were digging them, not the ‘alternative’ ones.


Oh i was joking. Sorry!


the guitars were quite nice!