Top Ten Metal Bands Of All Time



Agree Australasia and The Fire in our throats… are good. i also like What we all come to need. Has shorter songs that are less atmospheric and more rocking. Saw them on tour after this album at Brudenell and was excellent live.


Basically just a post rock band with blastbeats though


Stab Water
Fountains of Mountains of Blood and Bone and Sick
Horse Bastard
Traitor Cauldron Blood Quest
Keith From Finance
Hating In Spain
1,000,0000 Goblins
The Sneeze
Haunted Arsehole Overkill
Unreadable Black Metal Band Name


I don’t really listen to either of those things so that’s fine with me.


Was pretty much introduced to metal in my first year at university. I liked Slayer and Napalm Death already, but was a bit snotty about metal generally cos I was mainly into hardcore and hip hop. Soon found out that this was a fairly stupid attitude and have incredibly fond memories of skipping lectures, getting high, playing cards and listening to death metal for days at a time. Still love these bands and listen to them regularly. Know next to nothing about any other metal at all.

  1. Slayer. It’s Slayer, mate.

  2. Entombed. First album is so monumentally great (and influential) they can pretty much be forgiven for changing up their style by their third album. Not into the ‘death and roll’ stuff at all really, but Left Hand Path would be the only challenger to Reign In Blood as my favorite metal album. The fact that they made it when they were barely into their teens is bananas.

  3. Parabellum. Hopefully some indie points for this one. Colombian black metal band, formed in 1983, that were making insane music while living in Medellin during the time of Pablo Escobar. Only released two 12"s, but they are two of the best things ever. Members went on to form Restos De Tragedia and Blasfemia, both of whom were brilliant.

  4. Napalm Death. Early stuff is legendary, obvs, but I really like some of their death metal releases as well, even if the band members think they are crap.

  5. Terrorizer. First album is the best grindcore record ever made. Two crust punk singer/guitarists teamed up with Morbid Angel’s rhythm section to knock it out over the course of a weekend, and it’s never been bettered in nearly 30 years of attempts.

  6. Carcass. First album helped to usher in grindcore. Fourth album pretty much invented melodic death metal. In between they recorded Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious, probably the best death metal album ever. Total dudes to a man, too, apparently.

  7. Nuclear Death. Lots of death metal sounds ‘extreme’, but these guys sound genuinely unhinged. Mostly due to amazing singer (and bassist) Lori Bravo. Haven’t heard the later stuff but first three albums are mind blowing.

  8. Assück. Another amazing grindcore band. Rooted in 80s political hardcore but with the attack and precision of the best death metal. Entire discography is flawless. Along with Discordance Axis and Brutal Truth, the best of the second wave 90s bands.

  9. Blasphemy. God-tier first generation black metal from Canada. Absolute lunatics too by all accounts, to the extent that the are not allowed into most countries to tour. Internet is full of stories of their antics (my favourite one is when one of the band (they never disclosed which one) threw racist douchebag Keith ‘KK’ Warslut of Destroyer 666 through a storefront window for asking them why there was “a fucking n***er” in their band), but it’s the music that their reputation is really based on, and it’s amazing.

  10. Cadaver. Only ever checked the first album from these Norwegian teens, but it’s an absolute killer. Although it’s all pure old school death metal, the murky, saturated production makes it sound almost psychedelic at times. I cannot explain how good this album sounds when when you’re high as fuck.

Also love from this period: Sinister (Holland); Acrostichon; Dismember; Carnage; Bolt Thrower; Molested (Norway); Beherit; Conqueror (Canada); Abhorer (Singapore); Necrophile (Japan) and early Sepultura and Sarcafago.

Not sure Earth, Melvins, Harvey Milk and (early) Boris count as Metal bands, but if they do, then them too. Really like Sleep, Burning Witch, Electric Wizard and some other psychedelic doom bands as well. Never really class these as ‘metal’ though for some reason.


Impossible to rank but these all make the grade



Definitely listening to Blasphemy based on this


System of A Down
Killswitch Engage
Fear Factory (really only for Demanufacture)

Long live Headbangers Ball :slight_smile:


One thing that I remember from seeing Jane’s in Brum in 89 was how diverse the crowd was (this was back in the days before everyone dressed the same). Punks, metallers, goths n that.


As I only chose 3 bands I’m adding number 4 now:

Slayer, even though I’ve only listened to Reign in Blood. Highlights include the scream that comes in at the start of Angel of Death making me go “fuck off, that has to be a guitar note” every time, the kick drum fill in the same song and all the guitar solos that sound less like a musical solo and more like what would happen if a very nasty scientist performed some terrifying experiments on guitar that could talk (scream)


Awesome! - suggest starting with this one

The ‘Blood Upon The Altar’ demo is also pretty mandatory…

Hope you enjoy them


Metallica- up to JFA
Sepultura- up to Max leaving
Danzig- first 4 albums only
Death-Chuck Schuldiner was ahead of his time.
Suicidal Tendencies- Lights Camera is a master work
Faith No More
The Obsessed

Could of added any of these- Sabbath, St Vitus, Anthrax, Exodus, Kreator, Kyuss, Bathory, Obituary, Sacred Reich and Nuclear Assault


anyone got a link to the new Horse Bastard?


idk, but 93 posts and nobody’s picked Pig Destroyer, so I’m burning this thread down


I find I think more in terms of best metal albums, really


I don’t own enough dragon t-shirts to name 10 metal bands, soz




went on their wiki

Current line-up

Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds – Vocals
Caller of the Storms – Guitars
Deathlord of Abomination and War Apocalypse – Guitars
Three Black Hearts of Damnation and Impurity – Drums
V.K. – Live Session Bass

Former members

Ace Gestapo Necrosleezer and Vaginal Commands – Bass
Black Priest of 7 Satanic Rituals – Guitars
The Traditional Sodomizer of the Goddess of Perversity – Guitars
Bestial Saviour of the Undead Legions – Bass and Backing Vocals

lovely stuff


This list would change if I did it tomorrow undoubtedly

Black Sabbath – of course (up to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and then including Heaven & Hell)

Iron Maiden – likewise, no debate here (80’s at least then a few choice picks)


Celtic Frost

Carcass (forget about Swansong)



Napalm Death

Mastodon (up to/including Crack the Skye)

A few like Kyuss (of bloody course!), Botch, Converge etc which I would have included but don’t really think of them as metal….so I didn’t!


They’re actually a band, I didn’t realise :smiley:

Really hope 1,000,000 Goblins are real as well.