Top Ten Metal Bands Of All Time



:grinning: haven’t even listened yet, but I’m convinced, they’re my favourite band


Sacred Reich - The American Way is an absolute belter!




I haven’t listened to all the metal albums yet, how could I even do that?


shia lebouf gif


So good. I’m hoping they do another album soon. It’s been 7 years since Rest …


blimey so it has. had a look see what they were up to before and it looks like theyre doing an art installation in a local library. :+1: and by thumbs up i mean fucks sake.

so rare in metal to get a band who are interested in and good with harmony without being all shiny prog crap. songs are so earthy and thick, like a mangrove forest.

when he launches into the solo with the trem picking on this, i’d be happy being thrown into the sun at that point.



For sure, its one of the great Thrash albums with 31 Flavors tucked on the end…haha love that song.


Same here. Welcome addition though