Top Ten Metal Bands Of All Time



:grinning: haven’t even listened yet, but I’m convinced, they’re my favourite band


Sacred Reich - The American Way is an absolute belter!




I haven’t listened to all the metal albums yet, how could I even do that?


shia lebouf gif


So good. I’m hoping they do another album soon. It’s been 7 years since Rest …


blimey so it has. had a look see what they were up to before and it looks like theyre doing an art installation in a local library. :+1: and by thumbs up i mean fucks sake.

so rare in metal to get a band who are interested in and good with harmony without being all shiny prog crap. songs are so earthy and thick, like a mangrove forest.

when he launches into the solo with the trem picking on this, i’d be happy being thrown into the sun at that point.



For sure, its one of the great Thrash albums with 31 Flavors tucked on the end…haha love that song.


Same here. Welcome addition though




Have to delve into the sub genres to get a top 10 I’m afraid

Faith No More
Cave In
Dillinger Escape Plan
Bad Brains


In purely alphabetical order…

Anthrax – these guys were the first band I ever saw live on the Persistence Of Time tour (hugely underrated album for my money). As well as having a ton of great songs, they have always retained a sense of humour about their craft - skateboarding, Judge Dread, rap remixes of their own tracks et al. Their version of Bring The Noise with Public Enemy remains the pinnacle of rap/rock for me.

Guns N Roses – contrary to popular opinion, I will happily listen to all of Appetite, Lies and both Use Your Illusions (if you’re the biggest band in the world, this kind of massive self indulgence is exactly the kind of thing you should be doing tbh tbf). Also, whisper it…Chinese Democracy is actually a great rock record :open_mouth: Saw these guys play Wembley Stadium twice back in the day - in '91 supported by Skid Row and Nine Inch Nails and in '92 supported by Faith No More and Soundgarden. Looking back, it’s amazing how Nirvana had single handedly changed the rock landscape in the space of those 12 months.

Jane’s Addiction - these guys split up just as I was getting into them, but Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual De Lo Habitual became two of my absolute favourite albums in absentia. Then after a decade or so off, they came back with Strays and were every bit as good as they had been before :+1: Seen them about 20 times since.

L7 - just stupidly good fun. Also, they rock fairly fucking hard. Was at the infamous tampon throwing incident, and then saw them twice in three days - the first time supporting FNM at Brixton and then their own show at The Marquee (RIP). Recent comeback single is…fairly terrible, but live they are as good as they ever were.

Ministry - more labelled as industrial, but pretty much everything they’re done since The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste could fairly comfortably be labelled metal. Great sense of humour about everything they do too.

Motorhead – sort of the godfathers really, maybe even more so than Sabbath. Plus they never got rubbish, only less good, and could still bring out some absolute classics throughout their career (1916 and their final release Bad Magic spring to mind). In Lemmy’s own words, “Very basic music – loud, fast, city, raucous, arrogant, paranoid, speed-freak rock n roll. It will be so loud that if we move in next door to you, your lawn will die.”

Prong - always thought that these guys straddled the divide between thrash and grunge perfectly. Their industrial work with Foetus didn’t hurt either.

Soundgarden - the perfect blend of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, but with their own weird spin on things to make them magical in their own right.

System Of A Down – Fact fans: these guys were number one in The US on 9/11. Great fun on record and live. I still have a cracked tooth from seeing them at Brixton Academy.

Tool - going to cheat and throw A Perfect Circle in here too. Proving that you can take metal seriously and not be completely joyless.

Metallica don’t make the list as although the first five albums are incredible, there’s a reaaaaallllllly big drop-off after than. Plus Lars and James are dicks. Plus Napster.

I see the Sabbath debate has already been done to death. Between them, Motorhead and Metallica, they pretty much shaped the whole genre tbh tbf.

LOVE Faith No More, but always felt they had a few too many things going on to be pigeon-holed as metal. Similarly, not sure Nirvana really fit the label either.

Good thread OP :+1: