Top Three Worst Places For A Spot

  1. Inside Your Nose
  2. On your Earlobe
  3. Armpit
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  1. Anus
  2. Balls
  3. Fanny I imagine.

On the lip is proper painful


top of your ear where your glasses rest


Balls isn’t that bad really

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Depends where I guess. I do a lot of physical work in my job so if it’s somewhere that’s gonna chafe or rub then it is bad.

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Got one on my left earlobe right now, nothing crazy but it’s ridiculously sensitive, didn’t even know earlobes had feelings

  • Inside of nose
  • Inside of thigh (get these all the time. Hate them)
  • Armpit

Corner of the mouth
Inside nose

For cold sores it’s up my nose, because I’m usually snotty at the same time it’s a disaster for nose blowing

Right at the side of the nose / just under is very annoying


Betwixt the eyebrows.

I get one here at least annually.

Always semi-like ones near my cheeks cause it looks a bit like a beauty spot unless you get a proper look at it and realise how grody it is

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When we trying for a baby we were on a pretty tight sexual schedule. Once when we were due I had a massive spot on my foreskin. It was the only time I’ve had one there, it was outrageous. My wife thought I was trying to get out of making the beast with two backs but then when she had a look she wanted no part of it.

Put a halt to proceedings for a few days. It was painful but wonderful when I burst it.



for ffs

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I hear you man

Only ever had one spot on my earlobe and it was by far the best spot ever. The standard against which all other spots are measured.

Anywhere you shave is a bad place for a spot imo