Top Toys for Christmas 2016 according to The Guardian


Selfie stick with a mic on it, genius that innit, somebody’s getting very rich this Christmas. Big fan of Silly Sausage, looks like Bop It for the next generation.


Something tells me I’m going to be VERY good at silly sausage.


‘You can practise by yourself or take turns playing with family and friends’.


Speak Out looks… unhygienic?


“Use this motorised ramp to send Thomas the Tank Engine soaring off the tracks and two feet into the air before he lands safely on the tracks to continue on his way.”

That doesn’t sound very realistic.


fuck off nanny state it’s mob law now BURN HIM


…I’m sorry i blacked out there for a second


Looks like a dribble generator.


OOS everywhere though :thinking:


Have you seen how evil he looks on the box as well?


It’s just a dentist’s tool, isn’t it?



Ahahaha look at the related products:


When did Thomas become so RADICAL.


If I can track down a Hatchimal, am I going to be the best uncle in the history of uncles?

Oh god, this is going to be just like that terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger film, isn’t it. You know the one I mean.


It’s not going to sell well in Croydon either.


Is that his missus bottom right as well?


sucks air through teeth





RRP £59.99 (ages five and up)
An interactive bird that pecks its own way out of the egg it arrives
in, as long as you cuddle and stroke the egg for about 20 minutes. Once
it is hatched, if you continue to provide it with loving attention, it
changes its behaviour from a baby to a toddler to a fully-grown
Hatchimal that can walk, talk and play games.

I think I can get hold of an egg for a bit less than £60.