Top Trumps - a white poo odyssey

Getting back in the game.

I just bought the original Horror ones that were my favourites when I was a youth. We also have original Transformers (bit shit) and Adventure Time (pretty good). Used to have fighter jets and some sort of cars and motorbikes.

We’ve also pointlessly amassed a load of Match Attax but fuck knows what to do with them.

What are your favourite Trumpers?

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I don’t feel good about this, but I shoplifted a Star Wars ships pack from the virgin megastore as a young man

I missed the word dog out of the title but I think I am comfortable with that.

That sounds a decent pack so can’t really blame you.

For my best mate’s 21st birthday, I made some custom Top Trumps of all his closest friends. Neat gift, huh? Thing is, to do so, you have to literally judge people and their attributes and on multiple occassions I’d later hear from my mate that someone who was on one of the cards would have found their card and be insulted by one of their attributes.

Yeah we did the same at University. There was talk of doing it just for women but fortunately that was overturned.

I think it’d be a good idea to learn nothing from this and do one for DiSers.

What stats should we use?

Shame post count is gone but
Beeve Potential

this was the best one. realfeels


Oh I guess it isn’t but it is too short term

And in German, sweet.

Maybe bikes as a negative


Let’s suggest a load and then cut it down to the best six by way of poll.

Fear Factor

I can’t see any of this backfiring whatsoever.

Won’t eat mushroomability
Wiki Strength (marckee 100, unbeatable card)

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Fashion Sense
Good at words (pervo 100)

Skin thinness (xylo (I saw you there!) 100)

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Promotion for where you work (antpoc 100, unbeatable category)

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