Top Trumps - a white poo odyssey

Dress sense

Or do most DiSers dress the same?

I’m on board with this

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Could do beard

although a bit exclusive

(we’re not doing this, right? no way it can end without significant amounts of pain)

Used to play these every break time. Best card was this one:



can’t believe I’m heavier than Mysterio. Does that count the glass bulb on his head do you think?

Pretty sure this was my favourite;
Seem to remember having these beauties as well (I had loads more that I can’t remember);

Fuck me - there’s a Jimmy Savile card in this set…

I don’t get why he has fahigkeiten 0. What does he do, nerds?

I can see you with a 55 on that

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I’ll take that!

Same, the beeves probably rankle for some to this day

Was into these

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well I’ll tell you who’s my BOTTOM trump and that’s the lousy president, am I right guys? hahahahaha please watch my netflix special

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