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My previous belt was the item of clothing that I worse the most. At least five days out of seven for a decade plus.

I am now running a brace of belts (good pun eh?).

Thanks for taking the time to appreciate my old belt and maybe you could tell me your most worn item of clothing?

you’re a
top wearer
Dream maker, a love taker
Don’t you mess around with me


I will try not to but it may prove difficult.

Probably my hundred reasons t shirt from 2002, still wear it in bed quite often

My Jeans probably.

I’ll normally only own about three pairs of jeans, but everything else I own in greater quantities, so get worn less. Probably about ten pairs of trainers, half a dozen hoodies, more than 90 tee shirts, probably about 15 pairs of pants and socks

i had a bootleg hoodie from that year

it said “bristoli” on the back rather than bristol


Did your old belt break? I’m a single-belt guy, also a decade-plus. Still going strong!

Yeah, probably been a good six months now but it’s taken a while until I have felt able to post about it. Only just binned it.

Sorry. Remember the good times.

Yeah I have a belt I have had for over 10 years its close to going, funnily enough its the metal buckle not the leather. The leather is in great nic

Maybe you could fashion yourself a thong from it?

I am not ruling it out

Do you match your belt with your shoes?

currently missing the button on my jeans so the belt is vital

I have some long wool work overcoats that I bought from M&S, I think it was in 2008, that are still going (actually, only one of them is still decent enough to wear to work, but still- over 10 years of pretty heavy winter wear!)

I am very much in the market for a new winter coat as the one I bought in the M&S sale in Dec 2016 is falling apart already.

I have a 1950s shirt that I bought in a vintage clothing shop when I was 15. I’m still wearing it sometimes.


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think I only own one pair of trousers at the moment so probably those

If we’re talking about clothes we’ve owned for the longest (subtly different from clothes we’ve worn the most), then I’ve got quite a few 90s band tees - I’ve got a completely outsized Bjork one, with her hair in braids on the front and the words “it takes courage to enjoy it” on the back. I’ve got glow in the dark Spiritualized and Super Furries tee shirts, and an XL Stereolab tee shirt (which is odd, since I’ve never been more than a L).

I’ve got a coat that I bought in 2010 which I still have but it’s not being worn at the moment due to the sleeve separating (it’s very old and I had it tailored when I was thinner and subsequently bust it when I was picking something up in my new, fatter form). I had some DMs that I bought around the same time that bit the dust last year. They were awesome, RIP boots.