Q1) 2017 personally: How many out of 10?

Q2) 2017 musically: How many out of 10?


/1. 2.
/2. 8.

edit: fuck this formatting. You see my numbers.


Q1 - 6
Q2 - 3


Q1) fine
Q2) ranking - particularly end of year lists and the like - is an exclusionary masculine way of viewing culture, which



You sunk my battleship!

  1. I would say a 7. It’s been really tough but really great.
  2. Personally a 4 in terms of playing music myself, but listening-wise it’s been an 8.


We’ve already done this thread
Probably the most hopeless of my 27 short years



  1. I dunno, 6? I feel like it’s been a nothingy year for me where very little has happened, nothing really bad happened so could be a lot worse but I had specific plans and never ever followed through on them, so bit rubbish really.

  2. based on the one album I’m aware of that I listened to from this year (St Vincent - Masseduction), 8/10


Personally - 6.5/10
Musically - 7/10 listened to a shit ton of new releases for to lengthy commute and had a good time at green man. But only been to one gig outside of a festival


Personally: 8/10?
Musically: 1/10 (about 3 gigs, 0 festivals, listened to about 5 new albums all year)


It’s not over yet - still time for the scores to change




Q1 - 8

Cracking year, achieved so much. Was a bit shaky on the personal front with my Nan being ill but that situation has settled down over the last few months. Don’t know how next year will go on a few fronts but I’ll cross those bridges when I come to them. Getting this new job is possibly the best thing that’s happened to me since I moved into my house.

Q2 - 9

Absolutely brilliant year, don’t know how I topped last year. Released four albums, releasing a fifth this month. Played fifty or so gigs, started a load of new bands. Wrote loads of reviews, appeared on podcasts, reformed my old band for one last reunion show, became a much better player. Heard loads of new music as well and I must have seen over two hundred bands, maybe three hundred.







Q1) 4
Q2) 4


I started writing about feelings and then thought fuckthat so will say



i can listen to the music i liked in a different year that is hopefully not awful in every other way tho, which is a plus.